Santa Fe Super Fleet; SP SD's photos

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    Post for Trainboard and Gauge

    Hi, all,

    I've been very busy and no time to be posting to the multiple forums. However, a few minutes available today, so here's a few posts for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


    The former ATSF's Peavine Line is still heavily trafficked even in modern times. Here we see a pair of Santa Fe 'Super Fleet' C44-9W's with a stack train headed up the Abierto Cutoff grade:


    Closeup of the lead engines. Santa Fe War-Bonnets... a classic!:



    And as for Southern Pacific

    Southern Pacific liked to run 4-unit lashups of SD7s and SD9s in the mid 1950s, befitting SP's desire to load a train to the hilt with tonnage and then drag it over the road with brute tractive force:


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    Great photos John. Looks like a very busy line.
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    Santa Fe 'Super Fleet' C44-9W's with a stack train are one of my favorite combo's. I really love that shot! I like whole layout with the bridge too :)
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    Hey John,
    Your pictures look great.But,I must say the best shot was you in the bath tub!!!!!!!!I still laugh to myself whenever I see your name someplace.Thanks,Mike:thumb: :wave:

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