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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by matt fisher, Oct 14, 2006.

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    does any one know if there is site that has info on for santa fe sd9 s i just want to find some

    thanks for all your help guys , it would have been nice to see a real santa fe sd9 in both warbonet and the yellow and blue paint scheme , even if santa fe did'nt have the real , atleast athern made them in ho scale ,
    thanks again please dont respond to the add any more
  2. Ralph

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    The link works fine. Do you remember which page the Santa Fe SD9 is on?
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    Matt, if you are looking for BNSF SD9s, try Google images search. As far as I know, ATSF did not have any SD9s. I couldn’t find any SD9s listed at the ATSF All Time Roster (but I might be wrong on this).
    Here is another source for BNSF SD9 pictures: , just scroll down.
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    Kurt is right. ATSF didn't own any SD9's.

    Texas Chief
  6. OOPS! :oops: Wrong link... but look at the second thumbnail from the top. that thing is a Loram Railgrinder... from other pics I can tell you that the last car is either a special or a converted caboose for firefighting and the two cars in front are water tanks to supply it. this means that they can (theoretically) put out grass fires started by the grinding sparks.


    From that page hit the "New Search key or go to...

    Then fill in/select the bits you want from the middle "Railroad Search Engine". Then press "Find the Photos".

    SD9s are in the EMD/GM section of locos while ATSF is the first of the fallen flag RRs.

    This will get you...

    But a BNSF search will get you...

    At least I think that's right.

    Something I do is use the key word box and just type in something like "grade crossing" and see what it finds.

    Hope this helps.

    OOPS! (again) those later links went wobbly for some reason... just go via the search page

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