Sand trooper backpack

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by tk3470, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member

    I Posted my pep model of the sandtrooper backpack did not unfold it yet but anyone who wants to I posted the pdo
  2. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Where did you post it to? I don't see it in the downloads section and there's no Sandtrooper Backpack waiting for approval. :confused:
  3. Jixton

    Jixton New Member

    Yeah, I can't find it either....

    I could turn my stormy into a sandy!!
  4. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member

    I dont know a few of the uploads I have tried have not worked. Is there size limit on the files ?
  5. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Yes, there is an upper limit of 2MB per file. You can PM cgutzmer and ask him to upload it for you if your file is larger than that.
  6. oriod01

    oriod01 Member

    "tk3470 why aren't you at your post?"

    You might also consider uploading to a file sharing site. Have it password protected, and only share the password here. That is if you are wanting to keep it a Zealot exclusive. It would also be real nice if you could visit the site more often than once every 6 weeks? :p I've been going nuts to see this one. wall1 :mrgreen:
  7. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member


    seems alot of my stuff is to big anyone who wants to sandtrooper email me at and I will just email it to you I get busy with stuff and forget to to check on here
  8. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member


    goting to try and break it up into parts like the proton pack is on here might be a while though can always email me direct at and can send you the fine still have not gotten around to unfolding it right now I am working on my Tardis to cover my pool pump and the 2005 Dalek build
  9. wulfric

    wulfric New Member

    Holding my breath and waiting on this. Another part for a white armour suit.
  10. tk3470

    tk3470 New Member

    nothing getting arpproved

    I have noticed there has been no new uploads and all of mine have been pending for months anyone know what the deal is ?
  11. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Sorry! This was entirely the Moderator's fault, namely me. I try to keep up with it, but I've been lax lately. I approved all the models in queue except for the multiples (if it doesn't go through the first time, PM a moderator. Don't flood the system with unnecessary files).

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