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Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by modano1, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. modano1

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    I recently read that there is a San Diego Paper Model Club, is this true? Anyone in the SD area? Any competentions in the area? Any hobby shops that sell card maodels in SD? I am being transfered there in April.
  2. Jim Nunn

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    There is a small group of paper modelers that gather at the IPMS Orange County meeting.
    This is only an hour or so drive from San Diego. The same group used to have our own meeting but due to location and Friday night Traffic our meetings have been on an extended vacation.
    The members include David T. Okamura, Bob Penikas, Dan Shippey AKA Delta 7 models; Jason Sutton and me as well as others on an occasional basis.

    IPMS OC is a paper friendly group and has a paper category in the monthly contests. They also have a paper category in the yearly convention. They are also responsible for the getting the IPMS nationals to have a paper category in 2007.

    So we have a small but great group of paper modelers and you are more then welcome too come up and join in the fun. I can tell you that it adds a whole new dimension to the hobby when you can sit down and discuss paper models, share techniques with your friends.

    As for shops that carry paper models, best stick with the online shops, I occasionally see one maybe two paper models in a hobby shop but nothing of any consequence. We often bring our new models to the meetings and this is a great opportunity to see models before you purchase them.

    Drop me a note when you will be able to come up and see us so that I can let the other guys know and we will make a point of being there. Before I forget Mike Hungerford (who owns the papermodels list) lives in the San Diego area and I’m sure that he would enjoy having you visit and talk paper models.

    And to top all this off I was in the Brown Water Navy so we can even swap sea stories.

    I look forward to meeting you.
  3. clself

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    Jim, I saw some of your latest models. They are fantastic. You continue to amaze me with your skills with modeling.


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