San Diego-any Shops Around Here?

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  1. :wave: :wave: announce1 I am amazed that the wealthiest country inthe world has so few shops selling models that Europe has been selling prectically since they discovered paper. What gives? Anyone think it might be worth investing in? Is there enough interest in this area? What can we do to get the word out on this most rewarding of hobbies? announce1
  2. Lex

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    Don't count UK... :D Just located the biggest model shop in London and they didn't have anything remotely paper-related...wall1
  3. Ron Caudillo

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    A few years ago (ok, it was back in 1981), I bought some of the paper model books at one of the shops in Old Town. They had a Carousel, Midieval Castle, and the city from Wizard of Oz. They had more, but I don't remember what else.

    You just never where you'll find these things!

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  4. Really pathetic. Maybe I should start one. I am retired, maybe I could generate some interest out here in the West (way west in fact you can't get farther West without going East. By the way is Hawaii in the East or the West? Hmmmm
  5. Lex

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    ...Nice to have a cardmodel shop over there! :D
  6. SCEtoAux

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    Perhaps you should test the waters by having a table at a local craft show first and offer some models there. See if anyone is interested before investing a bunch of money in kits or in a brick and mortar location dedicated to paper models. If the models you have invested in do not sell at the craft show at least you can have them for yourself or sell them online. Also, it seems that most people not infected with the bug would rather have preprinted, die cut models instead of preprinted ones that are not die cut, or electronic ones that they would have to print and cut themselves. Perhaps later, after the infection has taken full control of the few that are more receptive, cd/dvd offerings would be acceptable to them once they discover how they can make multiple models and revise them to fit their particular needs. :)

    It does not seem likely that an established store will give up any shelf space to stock paper model kits unless they are very sure that they will sell. Maybe a game/card/manga store would allow a small area for the model kits. I know that I am in constant look out for paper model kits at the local stores. That is where some of those MB Creation Folding Art models were found (on the bottom shelf on the back aisle of a Target store's toy section). I have dropped a few suggestions at the hobby stores in the area, but no results have materialized.

    People just don't know what they are missing out on. Everyone that has seen some of the paper models I have finished always comment on how neat they are, even with my thick-fingered get-it-done-quick method. Most of them do not, however, express much interest in making one themselves.

    Just my few random thoughts on the matter.
  7. ZombieHunter

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    I did just buy a paper craft book for my youngest at Michaels here in San Diego. Nothing great but he's enjoyed it. Mostly monsters.

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