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  1. Lord_Naomasa

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    I have been wanting to start on some samurai models as of late. I'm not talking very detailed models but vast "armies" of them. I just havent had any luck finding any. Does anyone know of where I can get some samurai models? THANKS!

    I have been wanting to work on some samurai displays but I cant find where to get any models. More specifically, small ones that would allow me to create scenes of samurai "armies". Any help would be great! Thanks!

    I have been wanting to start on samurai models but I have yet to find where to get any. I want to great vast scenes of samurai armies so im looking less on the detail aspect as to the scene itself, therefore, I'm looking for small , very small models. Any help would be great! Thanks!!
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    I moved this over to dream kits and wish lists. Please one post for the request though.

    I think the only samurai thing I have seen is the armor on yamaha's site. Did you just watch the samurais sword on Nova? It was pretty cool!
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    Have you ever seen the movie Ronin? A model guy in the movie has a few hundred little samurai models that are seiging a castle-----so I have hope. I just dont know where to go though : P
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    Did you try the Junior General site? There are hundreds of simple paper soldiers free for the printing. Almost every period of history you can think of, as well as fantasy and sci-fi, plus accessories. More added all the time. Here's the link to the samurai page.

    Paper Soldiers for Junior Genera

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    Here's some photos of one of my favorite figures that I did from when I had my ABC magazine subscription..

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    I have a book of 12 Samurai cutout&standup figures, about 1/24 or so.
    Two of the figures are mounted. Nicely colored and detailed.

    For your own use, you could scan them, reduce them and print an army.

    I paid $5 for it. You can have it for the same, plus postage.

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    Thanks all for the help! The junior general is an amazing place, I'm gonna do a lot with them. Sakrison, those are great especially in the detail. I've never done paper modeling so I'll see what I can do : )
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    sakrison, do u use paypal?
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    One of the things I used to do was make miniatures from paper using a combination of origami and card modeling techniques. I did make a chess set of paper samurai for someone. Unfortunately, I make them as I go and don't have any plans. I had dreams of making a whole army for wargaming, but lacked the time and energy. Attached are some images of my paper samurai (they are from my now defunct webpage). They are in 25 mm scale. The foot samurai took about 2.5 hours to make and the mounted samurai about 4 hours. If you search the web, you may find a few places that have a complete set of my sashimonos (flags on the back) for the Takeda and Uesugi. Out of interest, the mounted samurai is Hajikano. During one of the Takeda campaigns, he volunteered to go across a river on his horse. At one point, he was completely submerged with only his flag showing, but just kept going. The reason is that his flag bore the character of a Shogi piece that only goes forward and does not turn back. Samurai are so cool!

    If you are willing to move away from paper/card medium, check out the soft plastic sets by Zvezda; they are gorgeous and inexpensive. The Zvezda sets are also one of the reasons I am not bothering with paper miniatures anymore. The following link shows the infantry set:

    Plastic Soldier Review - Zvezda Samurai Army - Infantry


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    Those are awesome! Nice work :)
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    if you join Models_and_Miniatures_in_Paper : Models & Miniatures in Paper
    go to files area - New MMiP entries
    go to MMIP #1 Thru #28
    follow the link
    and showcase 9 was ....SAMURAI!
    They are similar to the book mentioned above by sakrison
    MMIP is worth joining anyway, but now you have an ulterior motive

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    You made those how quickly?????? WOW! Very nice! and I agree whole heartedly with Chris directly above - do join!

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I think your paper ones are better.

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