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    That's great news that you got the pilot! :thumb: If you build a brace from brass wire, .040" is the correct diameter. Simply make a bend in the lower end to match the brace you have, then another bend at the top, leaving a short length to plug into the smokebox. Once it's painted, you won't be able to tell the difference.

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    NWSL Gears

    Having just acquired a second example, I found that the gears are meshing only infrequently. Do you have the NWSL part numbers for the replacement gears?

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    The axle gear is 2147-6; the idler gear is 2181-6.
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    Thank you - I'll have to order them and get the thing running - as it's a MEC loco it's got some significance for my steam/transition-era layout.
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    I just thought I'd address the Samhongsa portion of the question. Samhongsa, whom was a major brass builder, is no more. They produced the first two genesis steam locomotives (I don't know whether it was a 100% Samhongsa engine in an Athearn box, or what the relationship was). The list price for the 2-8-2 was $140. I got mine for $100. I saw them for $90 when new. (all prices in US $).

    The 2-8-2 was well received, aside from its dummy front coupler. A variety of detailing articles followed it. I never got the Mainline Modeler article on an NKP 2-8-2...but wanted to. The 2-8-2 ran very smoothly, but was a sub-par puller. Mine had a propensity to derail in places no other locomotives ever derailed...some problem with the lead driver.

    The 4-6-2 was a failure. Every person I ever talked to said that it was almost useless due to its lack of pulling power. What was there, a 5yr gap in between its release and Athearn's next steam locomotive...I believe it sent them back to the drawing board. Regardless, I still wouldn't mind acquiring one.

    Athearn's re-release of the 4-6-2 is going to be under the Roundhouse name. It's supposed to be out soon.

    An important note regarding USRA power: the models are of as-builts. Some roads left them in that state until the end, others radically altered their appearance quickly. As an NKP fan, I can state that a few NKP 2-8-2s remained relatively stock...but with new number boards & headlights...while others barely resembled USRA engines.

    Mine survived a nasty trip to a concrete floor. I lost a tender marker light, broke a tender truck, broke the pilot, and knocked off both my replacement headlight & number boards. A little glue but everything (but the missing marker light) back together quite nicely! Mine is an approximation of NKP 587 but without the R22 tender.

    Here is a post-wreck picture:

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    Doctorwayne... I was looking at your thread on modding the Athearn Mike that you posted earlier in this thread.... but there are no pictures? Is this because the thread is closed or archived? The missing pics would probably be a big help considering I have 2 of these that may need some attention.
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    That is definitely an NKP 2-8-2! Most of the class was sold to NdeM around the time of WW2. I see that he's added the cylinder braces (as odd as it sounds, they were needed!), changed the builders plate, altered the tender (replaced, I believe), and a few other odds and ends. His tender is interesting, the real 587 had a tender swap in regular service with the 639...which also survives...and he clearly is modeling the pre-swap tender (the 639 had an R22...the same as the berks...nearly as large as the 2-8-2s).

    I poked around the MR forum before settling in over here...I think I recall him...he models the NKP/LE&W out of Peoria? I strongly prefer his 2-8-2 detailing to the 600s I've seen other people model. One guy on the NKP group was running around $500 a piece for his plastic 600s with all of the redetailing they have (and did I mention that the 600s were ugly!).

    Thanks for sharing the info/photo! I can see some ideas there.

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    Sorry about those missing pictures - this is a Forum issue, as I've replaced those pictures several times. I notice a lot of other photos from my threads are missing, too. :curse:
    If you can be patient, I will attempt to replicate that entire thread, with all photos restored, elsewhere, then post a link to it in this thread. Hopefully, sometime later today. ;):-D

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    The Athearn Mikado re-build thread, with photos, can be seen HERE.

    EDIT: Michael, I couldn't find a link, but I believe Ray has a website with more info and photos. You could also contact him via PM, on the MR site. I'm sure he would appreciate seeing some of your work, too. He provided me with some useful info for adding frame extensions under my Athearn Mikes.

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    Thanks for that link to Ray's stuff.
    By the way, that screw is all packaged and will be sent off tomorrow. ;):-D

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    Thank you for the link. I'll check out his stuff, and I'll probably contact him when I'm doing similar things.

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    Thanks Doc! will pose a question to you over there.
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    I emailed Ray. His interests are far too close to mine not to!

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    Updated Photo

    Here's (yet another) bad picture of my Mikado, with some repairs made:
    I bent the boiler stay from brass wire, as Doctor Wayne suggested, after installing the new pilot. I also had to add a grab to the tender, and I seem to have lost a tender marker lamp.

    I added tender pickups, and installed a Soundtraxx steam decoder in the tender. I replaced the yellow LED with a golden white one.

    It needs more tweaking to run better, as it will short out at low speeds while navigating some turnouts, and the pilot truck still derails on less than perfect trackwork. Could use more weight, too.

    I also need to add a doghouse to the tender, Pyle headlight and Frisco Coonskin Headlamp bracket, a delta truck and a booster exhaust, marker lamps, and a smoke density lamp and wiring. I suppose I could add a Lima builders plate, too.
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    I like the idea of adding a Lima builders plate! (having grown up near Lima!)

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