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  1. gpw

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    Currently I am designing a Russian Salyut space station (DOS 1, Salyut 1) in 1/48. I could need some help, because I don´t have so much good photos of some parts or areas and I could not find enough in the net. I would like to continue soon, so if anybody has details of the red circled area I would be very happy. Please post whatever you have or give me a pm.


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  2. wedge

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    maybe I can help you (because I am from czech republic and our kosmonaut was on the Saljut station - I have a lot of stuff about it.Because I was making my own 3D model of Saljut in 3D studio Max , I have some experience with the right shape. I was making Saljut 6 , but there is no diference between them in the main construction (saljut 6 was from the first Saljut series as Saljut 1 ) On the second picture I can see one mistake - every rolls are in one axis - there is no skew.When i get back home , I will go through my collection and I will let you know (I hope to find something useful )

    there is something interesting
    Êîíñòðóêöèÿ ñòàíöèè "Ñàëþò-1"
    h_in_salyut1diagram_02.jpg (image)
  3. JBAIL

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    Do'nt know if it would help but I hve an old B&W Salyut 6 model in PDF
  4. JBAIL

    JBAIL New Member

    Let's try that one more time without using my fat fingers.
    I have a PDF of an old Salyut 6 station in B&W. It's in Russian, I think the scale is 1/72
    and I have no idea were I got it If you need P.M. me. What you have
    done so far is great. Hope I can Get one when your done. Jeff
  5. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Finally, somebody's doing the Salyut series of Space Stations!!!

    Sir, will you be doing all of the Salyuts flown? :-D
  6. wedge

    wedge Member

    Hello again . I only want to share with you three saljut models which I have in my collection (not build yet)
    This model is "Saljut 6 - sojuz 28 - progress 1 " (this is unreal configurationú
    This one i called just "Saljut 1"
    This one is Saljut 6 - very nice , but there is lot of mistakes (Saljut 1 in the backgeround)
  7. paulhbell

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    Are these downloadable models. I think I've seen the first one somewhere, I can't find it now though.
  8. wedge

    wedge Member

    I saw it too , but it is illegal copy. I saw them all on same russian web , but in terrible quality. Those are commercial models
  9. gpw

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    Thank you all for your support and suggestions. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    thank you very much for the links and nice model pictures. Nevertheless I would be very happy if you could find much more in your private collection. About the mistake you saw in the second picture I would be very thankful if you could give me more details, maybe with a photo or a sketch.

    of course you can have one if i have finished the design. It will be free for everybody. But you have to be a little bit patient, because actually I build Ralph Currells N1 and Leo Cherkashyns Rockot. Beneath and after this I will finish the salyut design. And then the instruction. And all in word, oh my God.

    Hans Christian,
    I think it will be relatively easy to design the DOS-type Salyuts (1, 4, 6, 7) after having finished Salyut 1. The Almaz-type (2, 3, 5) would be a new design and I am not sure yet if I will do it. We will see.

    But what I would like to do very much after finishing the model is to downsize it and put it on top of Leo Cherkashyn's Proton.

  10. paulhbell

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    Hi wedge, the site that I saw had the models for sale and I would like to know where that was, as I lost most of my internet links when upgrading my computer.

    Don't do copied models, very bad.
  11. wedge

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    I think , that you can buy it only in czech republic...maybe you have seen some auctions or maybe this site
    there are a lot of older models sometimes...
  12. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    All right!!! thanks sir!!! :-D

    At last, all of us can build all of the space stations that have flown during the space age, from Salyut to ISS :-D

    Thanks a lot for filling the space for this important piece of history :-D
  13. jparenti

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    Kind of late to the game, but hooray! I'm glad to see you working on a Salyut, and it looks great so far! :)
  14. See another pictures...

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  15. wedge

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    nice pics , but if you can make saljut 1 , there are o lot of differences ... the first is Saljut 6 and the second saljut 7 - unfortunately there are only a few photos os S1 available :(
  16. auhlik

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    Hope this help...


    Please take a look on this page nw033p.
    Those are resin models but you will see how the area in question looks like.
    I have also quite a good photo of the real hardware prior to launch. Please PM me and I can send it to you...

  17. I know the Russians learned more about long term space than we ever hoped to but i don't understnd the Dark Green coating. What is that? It seems that would have increased the heat significantly. Normally we see gold mylar reflective foil over inhabited areas. Could one of our Space scientist comment?
  18. davelant

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    For what it's worth, the "green coating" is a fabric blanket for insulation. Insulation works both ways, keeping heat out and keeping it in, so it does something in the cold dark and the hot sun. Passive temperature control is a balance between insulation, infrared thermal emissivity, and sunlight reflectivity, so there's more than one way to solve the equation, using different materials. On average, you want to dissipate all the heat from the sun, plus the heat generated by the occupants inside.

    I'm not a space scientist, just a physicist.
  19. nexstarman

    nexstarman New Member

    I can't remember where I found it, but I finished this Mir several years ago. I think it's about 1:288 which is compatible with the Academy Shuttle stack and Shuttle/SCA plastic models I also have.

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