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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Dave R., Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Dave R.

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    Hey guys, every model, in every scale I can find of a Seaboard Air Line Citrus paint scheme, has the freight loco SFS (standard freight scheme) with the all green roof. Further, no pic or drawing I've found shows the roof of a loco painted in the PCS (passenger citrus scheme), mostly yellow roof.
    As it's my interest to duplicate the great named passenger trains from that line, I'm in a real conundrum. Painting "N" scale E units will be an adventure in itself but until I know what the roof looks like, I'm stuck.
    The PCS ends in green crescents raising from the green belt disappearing over the yellow roof. Does anyone know if these crescents form a "Widow's peak" or perhaps a rounded "wave" where they meet at the center of the roof?
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  3. Dave R.

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    Thanks Triplex, that's just what I needed!
    The green seemed to change from "lime" to almost "o.d." over the years and loco to loco, but I think I've got enough of documentation of that.

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