Sailplane Card Model Downloads

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    Sailplane Card Model Downloads

    Jan Müller's Duo Discus, Swift, & Slingsby T-21b Sedbergh sailplane models at

    Marian Aldenhövel's ASK-13, ASK-21, ASW-24 and LS4.
    Text is in German. Click the links with the familiar names and then the PDF-Link at the bottom. Instructions are currently only available in German.

    Marian's pages for the Duo Discus kit includes only the parts that are different between D-KBPP and D-2925. You need to download and print Jan Müller's D-KBPP for a complete model.
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    Nice sailplanes, thanks! It is not easy to find sailplanes card model like this on the internet.
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    Fiddlers Green has released some sailplanes recently!


    These are not your typical FG models. They are big three foot flyers built around laminated formers.

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