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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by pashlispaht, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. pashlispaht

    pashlispaht Member

    Does anyone know of a source of sailor figures (like British sailors from Napoleonic War era) in 1/96 or 1/100 scale?
  2. David H

    David H Member

    I had a look for some 15mm wargames figures for gun crews and officers, but after a while with no luck I gave up.

    I suppose one could convert architectural or railway figures...

    Keep us posted.

  3. pashlispaht

    pashlispaht Member

    I know they are out there, the Shipyard cover for the HMS Bellona shows a miniature sailor sitting on the "seats of ease" up in the bow of the ship and a miniature admiral pacing on the poop deck. I remember seeing a thread somewhere by Scorpio of his HMS Victory build where he had a miniature Nelson figure standing on the model to get some sense of the size of the actual ship. Just where are people finding them?
  4. jagolden

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    Have you tried Junior Generals:

    They have lots and lots of gaming pieces.
  5. pashlispaht

    pashlispaht Member

    I checked them out; interesting but not quite what I had in mind... I think what I am looking for are 15mm miniatures made from metal. There seem to be quite a lot of these for land units but I have not had any luck finding British sailors from that era. I have done quite an exhaustive search for them so far with no luck. I also checked quite a few wooden ship modeling sites and it seems like 1/96 scale is not really popular for wood modeling. Lots of stuff in 1/74 but figures for model warships are few and far between...
  6. pashlispaht

    pashlispaht Member

    I have managed to locate 15mm sailor miniatures, however no photos are available. The company that makes them is called Minifigs and their website is -

    They sell them in packs of 24 for a very reasonable price, about $8 for the naval gun crew, British seamen, and marines, and $15 for a British longboat with crew. I will post pictures when I receive my order, but photos of their soldiers give me the impression that their quality is pretty good and that they should be suitable for my objective of providing a crew for my HMS Bellona model. Now all I need is a source for 9 and 18 lb cannons in 1/96 scale. Any takers?
  7. shiftdel

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  8. David H

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    Mini Figs were a well known and respected supplier of wargames figures in my youth. I still have some lovley simple First World War troops in 15mm.

    I cannot wait to see what your crew will look like on deck. Arrrr!


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