SAI.403 Dardo in 1/72

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  1. Here are a few photos of my Modelik SAI.403 Dardo which I scanned, and reduced to 1/72 scale.

    The model has a very basic cockpit

    Fuselage center section. I colored the fasces insignia with Photoshop

    Completed Fuselage

    Closeup of canopy

    Tail planes. The Savoy crest, MM518 and Ambrosini 403 were photoshop additions

    A bird in the hand

    From below

    From above

    This was a fun build, with no particular problems in fit or finish - even in the small scale. Detail is a little sparse for it's original 1/33rd scale, but it's fine for 1/72.
  2. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    This was one of my favorite planes in the game "Secret weapons over Normandy" Easy to track, but difficult to shoot down :twisted:
  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Nice job! A very pretty aircraft, I like the turtledeck. You bases for these models are just right too!
  4. Gerald43

    Gerald43 Member

    a very claer Work!
  5. Dragos

    Dragos Active Member

    Nice and clean , good job!
  6. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Very nice indeed :thumb:

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