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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cdavenport, Feb 21, 2009.

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    For those of you who have downloaded and enjoyed the models of Civil War era ships, I found this eulogy. For those of you who have yet to discover these models, I recommend downloading them; it's anybody's guess how long they will remain.

    It is with utter sadness and a heavy heart that I must inform you that the creator of the models featured on this MySpace, Magnus Mörck, passed away on January 17.
    Publishing Civil War paper models remained one of the great joys of Magnus' life right until the very day he passed away, and to hear of the reception his last model, the magnificent CSS Albemarle, received was of great worth to him in a time when he was fighting the toughest battle of his life. Although he lost the battle against his brain tumour, part of his legacy will live on through this page, and I will make certain it is maintained and that the models will remain downloadable.

    It was with no self interest and without the need of any public gratitude that Magnus created these models for you to enjoy, as he firmly instructed me to keep all his personal info private and off this site. I will go against his will regarding this small detail, and publish his name and a few personal details so that he can receive the credit he is due, now he have passed away beyond the humility that was characteristic in every endeavor he undertook, regarding papermodels, his academic research in the field of Ethnology or private.
  2. How sad. I have allof his models and they will carry a special significance to me now. He did excellent work. I am a big fan of side wheelers and his Genre' was perfect for me.

    Thank you for publishing his name and this beautiful eulogy Rev 21:3,4 is my salute
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    The Eulogy his son left on his website was very touching. To lose an artist of this man's calibur was indeed a loss to all.......
  4. mauther

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    My admiration to Magnus and my respect to his family.
  5. Magnus,

    Rest in peace my friend.
  6. Hans Christian

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    thanks sir Magnus... your work will never be forgotten
  7. Stev0

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    Farewell Magnus... you will be missed, your work lives on friend.
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    Sad news that, Would it be wrong to suggest we name one section on this forum after him. A little tribute to the man would certainly seem fitting. Maybe one of the moderators would think of that and a fitting section to put it in. I would think maybe in Designers corner would be good or in the ships section. Just a thought really. Maybe even have a competition where we all make one of his models. As a tribute to his work and life.
  9. THE DC

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    Great loss

    His name reflected his contributions. He shared his talent with no expectation of profit.

    We lost more than a designer, but a builder of commumity.

    THE DC

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