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  1. Hello all;

    This is a question for the S-scalers on the Gauge. Are there currently available prototypical 100-Ton roller-bearing trucks in S Scale?

    I am about to begin a project for a client that specializes in S-scale resin kits and accessories, and we are trying to determine the feasibility of creating cast-metal trucks for these kits, as above.


    Jim :)
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  3. Greg Elems

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    RB Truck - 36" code 110 black

    70 Ton Roller Bearing Truck - 33" code 110 black

    These are two of the trucks offered by SHS Showcase Line.

    American Models offers a 50 Ton roller bearing truck-822S

    These trucks wouldn't be for a Canadian Kit maker would it?

    I wouldn't re-invent the wheel. There are other trucks that need to be done. Like Archbar trucks. Last I heard they were no longer available.

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    Try this: http://www.desplaineshobbies.com/

    They list several and not all list a tonnage. I don't know enough about the truck names to know if any will do. Call 'em up and ask if you don't see what you need.

  5. Thanks all for your input;

    Greg, I did indeed go to the SHS website; they don't specify if one of those is a 100-ton truck or not. I will try and contact them directly to find out.

    Yes, indeed, this is for a Canadian kit maker.

    As for re-inventing the wheel, naaaah, that's been done already. But 100-ton roller bearing trucks in S-scale? If they have not been done, then they need to be. I will also forward your suggestion for Arch-bar trucks as well...

    Anyone else have any suggestions?

    Many thanks!

  6. Greg Elems

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    IIRC, the difference between 70 and 100 ton trucks are the wheel size. The 70 ton truck has 33" wheels and the 100 ton truck has 36" wheels. I could be wrong though. I plan on using the 36" wheels on some Canadian Cylindrical hoppers.

  7. Thanks again, Greg!

    You know, that probably should have been my first question, the difference between 70-ton and 100-ton trucks! If wheel size is indeed the only major difference, then that will save a bunch of work and we can concentrate on other things... Like arch bar trucks, for instance ;)


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