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  1. hminky

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    The Bachmann 2-6-0 is a model of a modernized 1880's Denver and South Park Mogul. It is a model of the locomotive as the 1920's Colorado and Southern #22.

  2. Frederick

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    Thank you for your response, Harold. (Sorry I haven't taken your advice to go HO!)

    Your explanation left me a little confused. I'm thinking that a 1920s locomotive was much bigger than its 1880s counterpart, wasn't it? So is the Bachmann model of the 1920's size and thus oversized as an 1880s engine? Or is it of the 1880s size and thus a little undersized as a 1920s engine?

    Or am I getting too picky?
  3. hminky

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    It was built in 1880's and the model represents it's 1920's and later appearance.
  4. 60103

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    Frederick: the loco will not have changed much in size -- basically the same 1880 product,
    but a number of big things may have changed:
    boiler, tender, cab. small details like smokestack, domes, brakes. If you get an as=built photo, you can tell. The length is probably constant, unless they lengthened the tender.
    Sn3: track gauge 9/16". HO track gauge 5/8". I think Sn3 coaches will look too small, and you can already get On3 and On30.
  5. Lighthorseman

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    Hi, Frederick!

    Welcome to the fun world of On30. As Harold and 60103 mentioned, the 2-6-0 is a modernised version of a pre-1900 locomotive. Some really wonderful backdates of this locomotive have been done by members of the On30 Conspiracy.

    One of the most commonly requested models by the On30 crowd is a 4-4-0. This locomotive has not yet been either made, nor announced as an upcoming model, but just you wait! In the meantime, there have been some really, really nice conversions of Bachmann, Rivarossi, and IHC HO models. These are accomplished with the addition of larger cabs, stacks and domes. The Bachmann R-T-R rolling stock in very kitbashable, and everything from boxcars, flats and tanks so short as to be cariacatures to accurate models of earlier rolling stock have been done. For one looking to purchase something along these lines, I'll bet the contacts are there.

    You might like to have a gander at the On30 Conspiracy for some ideas or contacts. Here's a link... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/On30conspiracy2/ (I hope that worked...)
  6. Frederick

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    That's most helpful, thank you, all. The tender on the HO Jupiter does seem to be proportionally much shorter than the tender on the 2-6-0

    So it looks like I'll have to do some modifying of both locomotives and one of the tenders. Drat! Must join the On30 Conspiracy, Steve. Maybe I can hire some modelers to do it for me!
  7. TR-Flyer

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    Posted a note but it was based on where you were on page one. Since you've chosen ON3 it's no longer relevant.


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