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  1. this is Alan Lambert, I need to know how to convert 2 American Models deisel locomotives
    1 is a GP-35 The other a SD-60 from AC to DC power.I want the advantage of dc power for dcc operation. any help would be helpful. I'm new to this site .
  2. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Hi Alan,

    Welcome to "the-gauge"

    I have the GP35 in scale DC. The wheels are a bit finer looking than the AF compatable. The inside is pretty simple. I can shoot a picture and e mail it to you if you would like to see the simple wiring. IIRC the AF AC version has an electronic E unit board in it and would require the removal of that. As for the SD60, my scale DC version has yet to be opened to see what is inside. As an aside, you should be able to run your AC unit on DC. The problem will be the reverse switch won't work but it will behave like AC and the off on routine to change directions will work with the DC transformer. I've been doing that with my SHS SW1.

    Greg Elems
  3. Greg, I would appreciate the picture, I'm sure the SD-60 is basicaly the same just more room. our scale hasn't caught on here in Texas( Fort Worth) no hobby shops carry anything in s gauge. iwill send you an e-mail to get the picture .You are a great help for someone that doesn't know much about wiring .

  4. This is Alan .Just sent you an e-mail for the picture Thanks for the reply.

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