RXR AC Series Wide Nose

Discussion in 'Railroading' started by rsebree, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. rsebree

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    I bought this model from no commercial links allowed This being my first locomotive I wanted one with good directions. This kit was well made with no design issues and clear illistrated instructions. Any blips or blemishes are my own and not an from the design of the kit.
    This may be my first locomotive but it won't be my last!no commercial links allowed

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  2. Chris74

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    Looks pretty fine, I can't see any blemishes there... :thumb:
  3. Zathros

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  4. rsebree

    rsebree New Member

    Thanks ya'll for the compliments and Zathros for the link.
  5. treadhead1952

    treadhead1952 Member

    Hi rsebree,

    Nice work, I scored a few of these to try out, just haven't gotten around to them as yet.

    There are a number of different cars as well if you want to whip up a consist to run on the wall over a shelf. Too bad the author couldn't come up with some more well known lines, but I suppose that it would run into some serious money to try and get releases to do that.
  6. rsebree

    rsebree New Member

    I also got there steam locomotive. I think it was just an expense problem to getting those trademark names. Although for ma made up RR these logos look good.
  7. MAGI

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    Nice photo.
    I picked up a couple of their models. Can't wait to build them.

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