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    Nothing special IMO. Looks like some Burnt sienna chalk powder mixed with alcohol. Resembles Testors Model master Acryl Burnt Sienna colored paint when dried. I just use the testors Model Master Rust mixed with alcohol. It's okay, just not as awsome as I had expected.
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    I use Rust-All all the time in weathering...well everything metal, since reading a review in Model Railroader 15 years ago.
    There is a kit that comes with four bottles, the regular, burnt sienna, mixed with alcohol, a black "india ink", and a clear liquid as well as some powder, also burnt sienna. The clear is suppose to be a fixative for the powder.
    I've only used the rust color and black in my weathering. I tried all four coming to the conclusion that those are the only two that really look good and the clear and powder really are a waste. I also noticed, especially on Athearn paints,, the Rustall will fade the paint, an excellent side effect. Applying multiple coats increases the effect and can be brushed on.
    You can buy the bottles seperatly.
    Here's a sample of an Athearn boxcar using Rustall . The two ducts behind it were also"Rustalled" I did this car almost eight years ago, with no fading or losing the effect and I didn't even have to apply a Dullcoat topcoat.

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    I could not for the life of me get the hopper I was working on to look right. I was expecting rust in all it's glory.... if you want more of a rusty stain look the rustall works well. I was looking for a more realistic heavy rust look. Which you just arent going to get from one product. The best results I have had with creating realistic rust is a combination of A I M realrust, realrust dark, AIM weathering powders, and some acrylic paints. Rust just isnt brown. It's a multitude of browns, oranges, reds, yellows, etc. You can't get all those colors in a single bottle. It takes layers (like an onion). eightyeightfan1's (I like Dale to [​IMG] ) boxcar looks very nice! Much better results than I was able to come up with. Maybe I just got a bumb bottle. I have two more sitting here. Maybe I should try one of them and see if I get the same results. I am just amazed at how well your boxcar turned out. My hopper was a waste. It just looked like splotches of sienna paint when it dried. Oh well. Guess maybe I was just expecting a different effect or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing (most probable). Good work eightyeightfan1 and a nice example for the rest of the readers to see in order to make a better informed decision. [​IMG]

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