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  1. the other day at work i got the chore of sleeping....... i mean sweeping anyhow by one of the motors i found a very eveil enamy to real trains rust dust as i call it so i sweept some into a vile and brought it home. i tried it on a box car and it leaves a nice rust effect behind it also work for pitting. any questions feel free to ask. ill try and get the photo up when she drys
  2. Pitchwife

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    Who would have thought of using real rust for rust effects? :thumb: :thumb: I guess the only question is how did you apply it? Dry brushing? I wonder how it would look on rails.
  3. i first apply a mix of 70% isopropyl alcohol and tea spoon of india ink (to the whole bottle of 70%) this way it has something to hold on to after that mix drys then i dry brush the rust on as for pits use a glue or another method you may have. oh and apply a clear coat for handilng reasons. after i do a light brush of art chulk you can make your own darkness after i add rust pits then with a wet brush and a color rust of your choice pull down streaks :thumb: if you want pics leave email and ill show em off.
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    Got any pictures? :)

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    I would like to see your pics to. Sounds really cool and I am goin to try it.:)
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    I'm a... experimenter myself at times, as we all are (I think). But I would be concerned about using metal dust (rust) around my layout. I have read elsewhere that metal flakes etc, can get up into your motors and gears and start giving you problems.

    Just a thought.


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