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  1. Dave Harris

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    Let me know how this looks to some of you. It's an experiment in producing a partially rusted out panel on a 1/64th car like in my junk yard. This is a hot wheels Duece roadster. The inner fender panel was taken out with a dremel & replaced with one made of a disposable aluminum baking tin. The panel was pierced with a needle in spots & then had ferric chloride ( circut board etchant) dripped on it. The overall rust effect was Floquil rust sprinkled with a mix of baking soda & powdered brown chalk.

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  2. bulldogowner

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    Looks very realistic...maybe a bit shiny, but that may just be the flash on the camera. Keep it up!
  3. Chaparral

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    Copied, to my How To Rust Things file.
    Your junk yard is awesome!
  4. Dave Harris

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    More Trial & probably an error or two. The Merc with a new qtr. panel

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