russian nuclear submarine Project 971 - Szczuk (Akula Class) Help Needed

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Nando, Nov 9, 2008.

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    I've uploaded the English Instructions for building the Akula, as translated by Tglenchur and myself. However, I don't see it listed. Is this an overnight batch process?
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    My earlier post was incorrect since the upload wasn't successful because the file wasn't in the right format. I just uploaded it as a pdf, and it is now in the Moderators queue.
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    Thank You for the useful translation.

    Merry Christmas to all,

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    i know some jap guy made a free los angeles moddel, the same guys whose lunar module model made it to MYTHBUSTER's lunar special
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    Woohoo! Got mine in the mail today, just 10 days after I initially contacted Sylwester. As B-Manic said above, I emailed saga(at) I included a picture of the magazine from the first post in this thread and asked him if he would sell me a copy. He responded within a couple of hours. He calculated the price at the current exchange rate to be $15 total for the model and shipping. He packed it with a thick slab of cardboard and wrote "do not fold" in English and Polish, so it arrived in perfect condition. If anyone wants this model I recommend contacting Sylwester at the email address above. He's great to do business with.

    As for the model, it is a separate insert and not printed within the magazine. The paper is thinner than I'm used to, but like Nando, I may scan it and print it on my usual 65 lb paper. This is going to look great next to my Los Angeles, Ohio and Typhoon - all 1:200 scale. :mrgreen:

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    Delta III class SSBN

    Another cool design from the same author of Akula.

    Best, Nando :thumb:
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    Next design will be cooler :) than ever :mrgreen:

    Identify this vessel:


    or this:

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