Russian Mary Rose

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  1. copitz

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    Many thanks for the translations.

    I am starting to rig the model and am including a couple of shots. I am not so sure about the triangle deadeyes. They look a bit crude! In any case, I had to douse them in super-glue before using them; else they crumbled when tension was applied.

    I made all the lower masts from rolled paper. I used wood for the upper masts and bowsprit. I am attaching the sheet I made up for the masts if anyone wants to use them. Also, I am attaching the sheet I made up for the hatch grilles, again should anyone find them useful

  2. airbob

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    Wonderful job you're doing on this ancient ship!... from this interesting site of old paper models...most impressive!!!
  3. David H

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    I second that!

    Still not printed it; excuse trial sheets seem too I missing a to fit tick bok or something?

  4. copitz

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    Hello David --

    Yes, the size is odd; I believe I doubled the sizes of all the sheets before printing! Sorry I forgot that.

  5. David H

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    My ability to type in English appears to be failing too!

    Going to have a go in Photoshop...

  6. copitz

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    She is about ready to receive yards and sails

    This will be a completely new experience for me!
  7. David H

    David H Member

    Woo that's so cool...

    I have some images of the Rose to scan and post...

    BTW what kind of crazy lens are you using?


    I have copies printed out, one on 180gsm paper the other on 90gsm.
  8. Clashster

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    What a great job with this! Amazing looking!

  9. sergiotang95

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    I can't find the model or anything on the site. Can anyone help me?

  10. copitz

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    Thanks for all the encouragement.

    It's getting harder to find places to pick her up! After the yards are added it may be pretty tricky to move her!.

    My camera is just a plain somewhat vintage Sony Digital.

  11. Amazyah

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    Here is a direct link to the page.

    Just give it plenty of time to load as it is really, really sloooooowwwww.
    Right click and "save target as" for each and every picture on the page.
    All the jpg's throughout the paragraphs are your instructions and the model pages are all at the bottom.

    Don't forget, "save tartget as" not "save as":twisted:

  12. copitz

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    If any of you are building this ship, I have a couple of notes to add.

    1. There is a strange white triangle on the aft structures that I have been waiting to fill. No parts have shown up for it, so I will just color it to match the rest of the ship.

    2. Parts 86 are strips which attach to the hull. They are not obvious at first since they appear on the sail sheet! It would be much easier to attach these parts before attaching the gun port covers.

    See attached.
  13. copitz

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    Sails and rigging

    I have started adding sails and rigging. This is my first attempt at a sailing ship and it turns out the drawing provided leaves some open questions. It is not always very clear where the lines end up. Anyway, I am attaching 2 pictures with the main mast pretty complete.
  14. dansls1

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    Looking good.
  15. Fishcarver

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    Very well done!

    This ship reminds me of the Nonsuch, a replica of which is in the Manitoba (Canada) Museum of Man and Nature. It can be viewed here:

    You have done a very good job with your build of the Mary Rose!!

  16. copitz

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    That's a great site. Too bad Manitoba is so far from New Hampshire!

  17. B-Manic

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    The Mary Rose was an English Tudor warship of the carrack type. She was the first ship with cannon ports the first to be able to fire a full broadside of cannons. As Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose was the beginning of his plan for England to rule the seas.
  18. copitz

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    The model is pretty well complete. I have no previous experience with rigging sailing ships so a lot of guesswork was involved, especially since the diagram provided is rather unclear about where many of the lines actually terminate.

    I think if I were building the model again I might consider leaving the sails off, or showing them furled -- if I knew how to do that, of course!

    But, I don't want to be appearing to be complaining. The end result is a pretty nice looking model, given that it's a freebee.

    I have put pix in the gallery, since uploading them with the post doesn't seem to work yet.

  19. dansls1

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    If you copy the 'BB Code' line and past it in your thread you can get the pictures to show up here - for example:
  20. cgutzmer

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    Looks great! Nice work, I never would have guessed you were guessing if you hadnt told us :)

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