Running DCC Loco on DC track?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by 77railer, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. 77railer

    77railer Member

    Hey gang,
    I was wondering if anyone could give me instructions on allowing a dcc loco to run on a dc track....i took the loco to a gentleman 50 miles from me but we must have done something incorrectly during the conversion for analog. Thanks in advance.

  2. 77railer

    77railer Member

    One quick addition the chip in the loco is a digitraxx and the software the man has is JMRI.
  3. billwv

    billwv Member


    Depends on the decoder -- some convert automatically --what decoder do you have?

  4. 77railer

    77railer Member

    Its a soundtraxx dsd100 steam. I search the online manual and have yet to find anywhere that talks about it.
  5. CalFlash

    CalFlash Member

    You must program it from a DCC equipped track. If you took it to his (apparantly) conventional DC layout there was not much you could do. When back home check your manual and find the setting for DC. You should be able to set it to recognize both DCC or DC depending on which its on or DCC only (which is what most people prefer if they don't travel to non DCC layouts)

    hope this helps...
  6. 77railer

    77railer Member

    I took it to a DCC layout. I do not have the manual but have searched thru it on the internet and have found no such setting. I just wondered if someone knew which CV controlled this function and what number it should be set to...

  7. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    In one post you said it was a Digitrax decoder, in which case there ia a cv to turn DC operation on and of, I'd have to look up which cv it is. In another post you say it is a Soundtrax dsd, Soundtrax won't work on DC, at least to my knowledge.
  8. 77railer

    77railer Member

    Yes you are correct I apologize.....Im thinking of two has a soundtraxx...which is the one I was trying to get to run on dc. The other I just got last night has a digitraxx decoder which to my knowledge should just be an option that needs to be selected. The soundtraxx is the one that was making me get frustrated,lol.
  9. rksstl

    rksstl Member

    Hi 77, I hate it when I have to be there one to give bad news but Soundtraxx decoders do not work in analog mode. :( . I copied this from there help topics, Locomotive never ran. Locomotive is not on a DCC powered track. SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoders do not work in 'analog' mode.
  10. 77railer

    77railer Member I just gotta find someone to donate a DCC controller to the school,lol. Let me get right to work on that.


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