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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by shamus, May 12, 2001.

  1. shamus

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    Woodie my friend, that depends on what make of loco/diesel you are running. Kato/Atlas/Proto 2000 should be fine.
    I used to run three Kato diesels in tandem making sure that the faster of the three was on the point, and the next fastest in the middle. Wasn’t really much to choose between them.
    Athern on the other hand is a different kettle of fish, they will get too hot (Motor wise)

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  2. wt&c

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    I ran 7 N scale units (2 bachmann and 5 trix) for about 30 mins with my MRC techII 1500. never even got warm.
  3. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Is it a good idea to run two locos on the same track hitched together to provide more pulling power? Espcially up those inclines with a heavy load? Will it damge the motors? ie if there is a slight difference in speeds for the same throttle setting? I have noticed the controller (transformer) gets quite hot when running two locos through the one circuit.

  4. George

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    Shamus is right about assessing fastest to slowest of your units. Also, you don't want them too far off from each other speed wise. You want the locomotive pulling the entire train, not straining to pull along dead weight in a lash-up.

    WT&C also brings up a good point. Keep an eye (a few fingers?) on the heat of the units so you don't have a melt down.

    BTW. NEVER put a "B" unit on the point, even if it's the fastest unit! [​IMG] Sorry for the joke, but it's there for the kids who put the RPO between the diner and the dome!


  5. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    BTW. NEVER put a "B" unit on the point, even if it's the fastest unit! Sorry for the joke, but it's there for the kids who put the RPO between the diner and the dome!

    Ummm..... a "B" unit?? Ummmm.... RPO, diner & dome? ummm... [​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. George

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    It's sad but true. In the clubs, it's common to see the teenagers unbox a set of cars and put them on the track all out of order.


    They never saw a real long distance train that wasn't Amtrak, nor understand the sleepers go behind the diner and the coaches ahead with the baggage and RPO on the front.

    FYI Woodie, Amtrak gave up Observation cars at the outset in 1971, and the railways lost the mail contract years before that. By contrast, the VIA Ocean Limited still runs a classic post war consist of over 24 cars at peak season with everything in the right place except the RPO is gone in Canada as well.

    That's why you have to be afraid of what they'll do with a "B" unit.

  7. Virginian

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    Hi woodie
    The very experienced members of my club run loco consists all the time, diesel and steam...and from what I've been told, adjustments can be made to match speed, at least on the steamers.I would think the same is true for the better quality diesels, but I'm not sure.I do know one fella had 4 matched units pulling a long passenger train a couple of weeks ago..must have been more than 20 cars...thats a pretty long train!! I was running a double header of club diesels pullin' freight just the other afternoon..seemed to do fine...except for some bad couplers...kept losin' the back half of my train [​IMG] .. 'til I took off the box cars at the point of break.
    I'll try to get some tech. info. at the next 'run' session Wed. night.
    Sorry, no help re: your controller heating up..not a problem at the club layout..centralized radio cabs with computer control of the whole shebang.
    If you find out anything more, please keep posted...I'll be running doubles, and more, on my N scale here at home, eventually.
  8. George

    George Member


    Your friend shouldn't have needed four cars unless he was pulling lead. The most I've ever needed on a 20 car passenger train is two powered units with a couple of dummies riding along for "that look".

    I saw a guy run six RS-3's at a club years ago. Looked nice, but you could tell they were hardly working together.

  9. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    20 cars..... [​IMG] My entire layout isn't even 20 cars long. let alone run a set that's 20 cars! [​IMG]
  10. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Hi George , Woodie and all
    There's a good chance one set were dummies...or Mike was "jes showin' off" his new ones [​IMG] I didn't pick 'em up, nor did I ask if they were all powered...but at least the lead double was powered.
    Hey Woodie.. If one had the loco power, I suspect one could run close to 100 cars (freight)...I haven't seen this tried...don't know what would happen with the short blocks...most are long enough for 50 ..but there are a couple of short day, when no one else is runnin, and I have enough locos available, I'll see what the max is.. The layout covers about 25'x50'. If your interested, there are supposed to be some recent photos on the club web I'll try to post a track plan to the new track plan forum sometime soon, if I can.
  11. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member


    Good pics on the club website. What is all that wiring??? Not running the local telephone company r u??? hehehe [​IMG]

  12. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Hi Woodie
    glad you checked out the site. The layout is a 'techie' marvel. lets see...almost thirty blocks, a staging level with main line, bypass and 8 or nine sidings, two yards operational, with seperate 'local' control cabs, which can be switched over to "main" control, computer control of the cabs and blocks, interlocking, signals and two large signal boards, high on the walls at either end,oh, I'd say there are more than 40 powered turnouts, all together, some automatic, operated by the main routing boards, one at each end of the layout(I'm still learning how to operate the beast...I doubt I'll ever know How it works, wiring wise...that's way out of my league.
    One of the founders works for Agilent(sp) formerly Hewlert Packard...he's the lead "techie".. I think he designed most of the layout, as far as the controls/wiring...can't remember the software designers's a well known modeltrain control program, I'm told. There's a member I haven't met yet who did most of the actual wiring. Too bad we have to find another location by next year, March or's gonna be a lot of work moving.LOL!!
  13. George

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    I may have been running a 20 car passenger train, but I neglected to mention how close the nose was to the markers! [​IMG]

    You never had to wait very long to see a train go by on that layout!! [​IMG]


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