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    Building up skill for drifting sometimes. But a good way to pratice on GT3/4, but useing cars out of the ordinary. IE, my experimental car is the RUF (Porche) GTS. With its huge powerband it has little trouble breaking loose, however, with its ubaru steering skills and high grip, its a different story from a 240SX or Silvia S15. Just go threw cars and find one that is good, with a grip of power, but acts odd, and use it. Some suggestions would be the RUF's, Camero (Large ammount of torque, feathering the throttle throws it wack), or for those with 4, the Ford Lightning or Dodge Ram 1500!
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    Well You can also try different various Turbos in the vehicle.(GT4)
    i use the RX-7 90's and found out that the best turbo prevented it from drifting unlike the smaller turbo which gave me perfect balance to drift.

    OH oOH OH one more thing LOL. Hahahah some cars drift with nitrous,... i eman you can initiate a drift while aproaching a turn and then pressing nitrous LOL,.... kinda cheesy and unpratical but hey as long as it works LOFL. Just felt liek adding that crap

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