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    :grin: now if i just could remember a little of the russian i knew,,,,,i like the bus on the letter head,,,,,can you tell me which one it is on the list or how to find it:roll:
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    Click the 4th link on the left menu, scroll down, then click the image of the model you want - this takes you to the instructions and file download page.


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    On the left, fourth link down takes you to the model files. Bus is the fifth one down on the right. Clicking on the bus picture takes you to a page of more bus pictures. Below them on the right are three PDF files that shoiuld be the actual model.

    Have fun!! :-D

    Elliott and no I don't speak Russian :(
  5. Elliott

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    Rats. CharlieC just squeaked in ahead of me. I knew I should have taken typing in H.S. A blazing 25 wpm just doesn't cut it these days. And they have to be correct wpm too. Bummer.

    :grin: :grin:

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    Aint' no Russian known here either, just curios. 2nd link on left, simple aircraft.
    3rd link, buses & cars, 4th link, armourd cars,truks,buses. 7th link, then blue arrows,then image to see, i think, up coming projects.
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    I love that BA-4, but it's in 1/43. Does andone know the conversion factor for to make it 1/72?
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  9. Fishcarver

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    The formula is: Reduced size (R) = Scale Model Size (S) / Actual Model Size (M)

    Therefore, R = M/S, or in your case R = (0.43 / 0.72) =0.5972 or 59.7% of your 1:43 model.

    Therefore: I wish to reduce a 1:43 model to 1.72, giving me R as the result.

    R therefore equals 43/72 = 0.597222, or 59 % (ok, 60%) of the new size of your model at 1:72 scale.

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    Charlie: Shucks, ya beat me tro it, but at least I showed my work? (Are you old enough to remember that cr**? How bout slide rules? :)
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    I built the first armored car in the stack [A-64]. Except for the turret which took three tries, it made a nice, different model. You may also notice if you pass your mouse curser over the various items in the left column of the main page, that the URL shows up in english. These are well worth looking at for unusual subjects.
    Fred Z.
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    Indeed. I used to have a slide rule in a picture frame in my office with the
    instruction - "In case of computer failure - break glass". I think I've still got a slide rule around somewhere.... ah memories...


  13. Fishcarver

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    You will notice us auld beezers hoverin' around formulae! Hope you got your answer.

    Charlie: I remember the 60's smartly, but we dinnae' need to go there, :0
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    Thank you, I will now attempt to shove more formulas into my head, this one I will actually use though!
  15. Fishcarver

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    Glad to help!
  16. Maurice

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    Let me try to ease it into your head with the simplest formulation possible.
    A model is 1/43.
    Multiply by 43 to make it full size.
    Divide by 72 to make it 1/72

    43/72 = 0.597 (or 59.7%)

    There - didnt hurt a bit - works all the time for all scale changes.

  17. Fishcarver

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    You now have the secret!
    Tractor Plant Security apparatus is now on your case!

  18. Maurice

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    ... see if I care .... the quivering is natural .....

    "now" is the right word.
    I've watched for years as people (including me) tried to explain scale changing.
    Only just occurred to me to put it this way.
    Everyone else may now copy it.

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    Two notes of caution about this Russian site:
    1. At least one of the links he has posted is to a pirate site for Maly Modelarz kits. :mad:
    2. Several of the links on his site were blocked by my AntiVirus software, as presenting threats to my system. :(

    Otherwise a nice site, though.

    Let's be careful out there.
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    Dang, looks like the one I want...


    is a commercial model. I can't find anything to download but "Page 2"...

    Bother..... :(

    Anyone know of ant free versions of similar vehiles (classic pickups)

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