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    I'm trying to duplicate some small white metal
    items with this product and would love some input on how to go about it? A tutorial would be great! Or a website link that doesn't charge for their info!
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    I posted some information on this in the files section of our yahoo group. It's way to big to post here, but if you join the group, you can view it there. That would be the easiest way, but if you don't want to join the group, you can e-mail me and we'll find another way to share it.
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    This subject does seem to be a secret. Or is it that not to many people have done it?

    Jon I joined the Yahoo group and am waiting for my confirmation, I've been a yahoo member of other groups but I guess this one is sponsored by the Gauge?
  5. jon-monon

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    Re: why?

    Your in now and I sent a link. I don't know that I would call it sponsored, but I checked with Dave before using the-gauge name and before anouncing it. The purpose is not, and it has not been used for an alternate means of communication. We don't want to leave folks out of the talks. Mainly it's for file sharing and posting pictures in chat. Using it conserves our bandwidth.
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    did some checking there is a good artical in september 1995 model railroader and there is a three part one in railroad model craftsman of 2001 april may and june dont have this one do have the 95 one.
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    Jim Thank you for the research I don't have that issue could you make me a copy? or is it to big?

    Lighthorseman, Thanks I found that site yesterday when Jon sent me over to Yahoo and was waiting for my membership approval. I posted my question and am waiting for some replies. Thank you

    Jon I looked at the link you gave me and it gives great info but still does not address my problem with the odd shaped pieces. Thanks
  9. jon-monon

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    Thanks, Steve, I joined it too. I'll probably not sit there and read molding messages, but I'll search the archives when I have a question.

    Too bad that didn't help, belg :(
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    Belg. What are you duplicating? How about a picture? Just wondering.


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