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    In 1959, CN needed some diesels still lighter-footed than the GMD-1s and RSC-13s for Nova Scotia branches with 56-lb rail. They also happened to be re-engining some FPA-2s with 251s. The fairly young 244 engines were reinstalled in some expanded switchers. Fitted with A1A-A1A trucks, they had so little adhesion weight that the engines had to be derated to 1400 hp to avoid slipping.

    Only four RSC-24s were built. They can be identified by their small size and tiny short hood compared to other Alco and MLW roadswitchers.

    Main Body 1802b.jpg - 1802cn.jpg - 1803cn.jpg archive/CN1803 RSC24 Bridgewater NS 7 July 1973.jpg
    MLW RS-10 Data Sheets

    MLW RSC-24 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In 1975-76, the three units that remained after an earlier wreck were retired. Their trucks were transferred to RS-18s, which were derated to 1400 hp and became RSC-14s.
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    Really interesting locomotive. You would think being that short they would have two axle trucks.
    Including the data sheet was a great idea. Thanks !

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    Thanks for posting this, Triplex. :thumb: These little "Baby Centurys" would certainly find a home on my layout were I modelling a more appropriate era, either in the green-and-gold scheme or in free-lance paint. Did any of them survive to see the wide stripe paint scheme?

    I believe that the 3 axle trucks were required to meet the light axle-loading limits on the 56 lb. rail.


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