Royal Hudson!

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    hello all i went to see the royal hudson in white rock last month,enjoy the pictures also*WARNING* most likely not dial up friendly.this may also take a while to load because of so many pictures. there is supposed to be 23 pictures in all

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  2. joesho

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    More More More!!

    ok heres more

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    even more

    lots more to go,hang in there!

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  4. joesho

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    even even more

    the last of em

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  5. joesho

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    a real last of em

    lol theres are the last:mrgreen: thanks for watching!

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  6. erikstoll

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    i got to ride that train as a kid, loved it alot =)
  7. davidstrains

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    I took the trip on the Royal Hudson back in the 80's from Vancouver to Squamish with the family when we lived in Seattle. Loved the ride. That train had to be 20 cars long, and at that time I don't think that it had the diesel along with it. We watched it turn at the Y in Squamish for the return trip. First time I had seen that maneuver. Took lots of photos but they are in a box somewhere. Your pics are great reminders of a wonderful trip. :)
  8. rogerw

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    nice looking, looks like a good time
  9. bigsteel

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    great pics! i cant wait till something ike that comes to cincinnati!--josh

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