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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by csxengineer, Nov 4, 2005.

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    This is a 4' x 6' part of what will be a 10' x 11' around three walls. Nothing is glued down, just simply placed for show. The 2 (staging) tracks behind the furnace is where all materials will eventually go. Those lead to the open side of the garage. The 4' section is facing the open end of the garage, and the only real issue is the yard lead track will need one operator on the outside to have better access to the south side, and the other operator if used will be in the center working switches on the north side. The inside track is the main. Currently it is a single track, I'm thinking of making it a double. Access to the yard from south end is from both a facing point & trailing point crossover off to the left (not pictured). However, that interlocking will be unscenicked, and on a 2' x 3' removable lift out. no duck unders! The 4 yard tracks ( 2 inbounds, 2 outbounds) are about 4'-5' each.

    Any thoughts? I tried my best not to parallel the edges, and to put some scenery between edges & tracks. The little shack is the commuter train station / amshack. Era is 1980's-present.

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    I like the flow of the yard very much. Did you every try to start earlier with the switches but use right handed ones (First picture lower yard entrance)?
  3. csxengineer

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    using r hand switches

    If I used right hand switches, I think it might create too much of an S curve and bring the yard too close to the edge of the layout.
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    VERY NICE, CSXengineer!

    I love the shape, & the track could very well stand as-is as a nice little switching layout!
    :thumb: :cool: :cool: :thumb:
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    is that blast furnace ho scale.
  6. csxengineer

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    blast furnace

    The blast furnace is n scale. I have a lot of pics of trains next to blast furnaces, and yes, they really are that big! It's just hard for me to scenic the area and make it look to scale, especially when surounding buildings are so small.

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    Hi csxengineer!
    I did have a thought, while looking at your plan again...
    You said that the plan is for an around-the-walls I'm assuming you will only have access from the inside of the "L"...
    That said, I'm thinking you may run into some access problems with the "main street" buildings in front of the tracks like that, since you will have to reach over them to do any of the inevitable "0-5-0" switching work...:rolleyes:
    Two things you might want to cnsider, to improve access, & add visual interest, would be either lower the street scene in the front, or build a build a shallow-relief street scene to the rear, above track level.
    If you do the latter, the area in front (IMHO) would make a great area for a water scene...or you could make it a junkyard, slag heap, or al of the above.
    Either way, you could reach across to the tracks without "clothes-lining" any of your structures...
    Just a thought...
    OK...I'm done rambling now...:D

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