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    Sorry accidently I posted this thread twice, take one away..
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    Don't let them pull your leg!! It should NOT be expensive. Maybe a dollar or two. I can remember my mother using that tool, ... originally it is for marking a pattern onto fabic, before cutting out the parts. Then, somebody noticed that it makes rivet kind of markings on paper!! BUT, you need a different tool for every scale, or spacing, or size!.....

    I get better results using GIL'S "BRUSH" method..... you can resize and change the spacing as required. An example is attached... I think!!

    The zip file contains an Illustrator(ai.) format file that you can experiment with.


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    silverw is right. You can get the same thing at your local fabric or craft store. It is called a tracing wheel or a dressmakers wheel. The Wal-mart up the street even carries them here. Here is a link for you just to show how much these things cost for real.

    Ha, they are even on sale for $0.50 off! what a bargain!
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    Tracing wheel

    After I started paper modeling, my Dad built a few 'paper' model aircraft using aluminum soda cans instead of cardstock. He used a tracing wheel to put the 'rivets' onto the aluminum.

    -Jim G
  5. Today I found a tracing wheel on the market-place, just like my mother used to have, cost about 1$, I think I saved myself 89$..:twisted:
    Cheers, Billy
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  7. Thanks Silverw!

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