Roman Seas: 1/300 Trireme

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    Hi, all. Sorry I've been away from the card modeling scene for a while. Thought I'd check back in and share this with you. Roman Seas is a gaming system for ancient naval warfare. What I like about it is that the card modeling aspect works very well in this application. The ships look good as models, not just as adjuncts to playing a wargame. The model buildings are very nice as well.

    Here is a shot of my test build of the Roman trireme. Each download features six different types of ancient galleys, with two different sets of Roman fleets, as well as extra parts like sails, towers, commander's canopies and so on.

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    Roman Seas Trireme

    And another shot from aft. The ship looks a bit barren stripped for action without the 6mm soldiers on board, but I think it still has a pleasing appearance. Overall I was impressed by the quality of the graphics, the comprehensive set of instructions and the fit of the parts.

    The design is simple yet elegant. The essence of the build is cutting slots in the hull halves and gluing the two halves together by means of tabs at the bow and stern. Once that dries and the deck is inserted into the slots, its really not even necessary to glue it. The curvature of the deck provides proper form to the hull, and the hull sections which protrude beyond the hull to port and starboard anchor the outriggers. Once you form and glue the outriggers, then attach the two oar banks, and that's it. Simple.

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