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  1. Ok so its a switch aroud :p In the first pic I cought WPI&JC B23-7 8901 switching out some cars when conrail 6858 sd60 brought a cut of loaded cars in for the local industries Woods furniture and concor chemicals yet there were no coal cars in this unit bound for the power plant. If you have ne questions or comments feel free:mrgreen:

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  2. Here we see the cars being pushed into there perspective places.

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    I like the grafiti on your cars. Did you hand paint? If not how did you do it?
  4. No i used blair line decals....:rolleyes: all tho i do wish i could paint/draw that good.... maybe someday ill try it.
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    Besides nice looking cars, the tracks are well ballasted, too.
    Just one comment about the B23-7. In the picture you can see the the see-through part of the decals (called silvering) that distracts from a nicely painted model.
    Did you use Micro-Sol after the decals were applied and dry? If not, it is not too late to drench it at least 4, 5 times. Use a soft hand brush for that. This will soften the decal and pull it closer to the paint and into the grooves.
    You always should put 2 or 3 glossy coats on every model you decal to create a smooth surface, apply the decal, and than coat it with gloss, satin or flat.

    I did a little tutorial on detailing, painting and decaling models and you might want to check out the decaling section.

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