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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by roger439, Jan 25, 2012.

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    thanks but the copter is really a not so cheap china made electric heli. it is called a sky king and it has several flaws that i have to address.
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    I used to make "real" helicopters for Sikorsky. I helped a friend re-machine a helicopter, back when they didn't have all of the auto stability built into them that they have now. In those days, plus or minus .005" of an inch meant it was garbage. I have purchased a couple of the real cheapo copters for my son when he was younger. They bssically went up and down. The counter rotary wing helicopters flew best. Of course, since the blades don't flap, or move forwards or back, once they got up to speed, all kind of problems appear.

    It is amazing but you can spend $200 dollars, and if your careful, (and have a real digital proportional radio) you can get quite a nice copter.

    If you went over this one, and wanted to post some pics of what you did, you would have at least one other person who would be interested. :)

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    It seems like we got a little off topic here but since this is my thread we can talk about what we want to LOL. I have really just got into learning rc copters what i do most in rc is planes,cars, and also i have tried my hand at boats.I have a ofna 4x4 off road buggy with a few upgrades.A explorer .40 rc plane and until a month ago i had a scratchbuilt 6' boat of the Edmund Fitzgerald which was a WIP.It met a fate all its own with a shelf collapse. I am thinking of starting a new post in the rc section but with the geranl discussion we r having i am not sure where to post at.Glad to find other ppl that share my interest.
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    Make a general post there. I can put it where it needs to go when it gets specific. It would be a start. Whatever feels comfortable. :)

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