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  1. dhanners

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    Well, I finally figured out how to create a new gallery category ("dhanners' gallery") and stuck some photos of a few of my launch vehicles in there. I hope you folks like 'em....
  2. jleslie48

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    looking my-t-fine.

    1:144 scale huh? I find that a bit small when it comes to the small rockets, the mercury redstone, juno, etc.
  3. dhanners

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    I agree 1/144th is kinda small. Usually, I build my stuff in 1/96th. But when I enlarged the line drawings of the SDLV to 1/96th scale, I just thought, "That's way more bigger than what I want to build right now." Since I had already done a Delta IV Heavy in 1/144th, I decided to go that route. (And I later wound up building a Delta IV Heavy in 1/96th, too.)

    I'm hoping to take some photos of my "Stick" CEV/SRB combo, because I've redone it since these photos were taken. I removed a section of what would've been the interstage and replaced it with trusswork, ala the R7 and Proton. That meant I had to build a bottom to the second stage, but it went together ok.

    The "Stick" and SDLV are based on early drawings of the vehicles. Hence, the SDLV has a larger payload shroud than the one shown in most current drawings. I may go back and change that. Then again, I figure the real vehicles (if they get built) will look a lot different anyway....

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