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    Newly formed non-profit corporation Manly Jct. Railroad Museum today
    signed a purchase agreement to acquire former Rock Island 1930's era E-6
    No 630 and 1950's era E-8 No 652. Both locomotives were built by
    General Motors for the Rock Island "ROCKET" passenger trains.

    The equipment is being purchase at an undisclosed price with closing
    expected before the end of this year, subject to fund raising.

    The new non-profit corporation has been established by Iowa Northern
    Railway principals to establish a new railroad museum at or near Manly,
    Iowa. The museum will be designed to feature equipment, archives,
    photograph and artifacts of railroads serving the Midwest, with
    principal interest in railroads operating in North Iowa and Southern
    Minnesota. All railroads serving the area, past and present are hoped
    to be featured at the museum.

    Plans include eventual full restoration of the two rare, classic E units
    to full operating condition, with a station-like museum and glass
    enclosed train shed. Additional railroad equipment will hopefully be
    secured to establish a re-creation of passenger trains once operated
    through Manly, Iowa. Manly was once a hub for railroad operations
    including Rock Island, Chicago Great Western and Minneapolis and St.
    Louis Railroads. In the early 1950's 14 passenger trains per day
    stopped at Manly.

    Equipment from Iowa Northern's Hawkeye Express as well as other
    historical equipment is being acquired for operation on Iowa Northern
    Railway, and potentially other lines.

    Railroad photographs featuring historical operations in the area will be
    a prominent element of the museum, and photographic contributions and
    other railroad artifacts are needed.

    Fund raising toward the estimated $10+ million project will commence
    immediately. Upon closing, the units are expected to be moved to Iowa
    Northern's Waterloo Shops or a contract shop for mechanical assessment
    and preparation for rehabilitation.

    Interested parties and possible contributors should contact Manly Jct.
    Railroad Museum Corporation President Dan Sabin through the Iowa
    Northern Railway Offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


    Daniel R. Sabin, President
    Iowa Northern Railway Company

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    wooohoooo! there coming to IOWA!
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    Aww yeah! Never let the classic E's die!

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