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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by rockislandmike, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. rockislandmike

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    Hey guys, any idea which Microscale set I'd need to recreate this puppy ? I've got it narrowed down to either 87-361 (Diesel - Cab - both maroon and black/red schemes), or 87-18 (Diesel).

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  2. IMRL393

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    Tough call, Mike.

    Too bad they don't show photos of the decals on their web site.

    The RI maroon & shield scheme could be found anytime between 1960 to even as late as 1980 (some locos just never went to a newer scheme!).

    The RI GP35 era (34 of them!) was from 1965 (#305 bought with the first bunch in April of that year) and all except #306 & #310 stayed in service until shutdown in 1980. The first 22 were all bought in the M & S scheme.

    RI305 was later repainted in the maroon & yellow scheme, according to Jeff's site. I don't know the date, but the M&Y dates from 1966. #305 stayed in M&Y until sold in 1980.

    So, we are looking at a mid-to-late-60s loco, here.

    Alas, all this data is not much help with the decals, as both cover that period. MS#87-361 is for maroon, but for CAB units. The GP35 is a hood unit.

    I would be tempted to go with #87-18 (dsl, 63-75).

    I would be even more tempted to call or e-mail Microscale and ask them what the decals are like and if they have a recommendation! Of course, the main thing you need is the red shields.

    Or, you could just buy them both and save the leftovers for a future model! Or send any you don't want to me ....

    Sorry for a lot of words, but little help!

    BTW, are you using an Athearn GP35 or what ???

    - George
  3. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    I haven't decided yet. I'm not sure Athearn makes a GP35 w/o dynamic brakes. The only ones I've seen have 'em (i.e., my SOO #730, which I'm repainting into Frisco in the near future).

    I was actually thinking Rail Power, but their website isn't working for me today. I have to do more research on them.
  4. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    PS - thanks loads for your contemplation and research.
  5. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Change of plans: found Bachmann Spectrum GP35 undec's on eBay for $19.99US. So there you go. I better get a decal order together.
  6. RI541

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    I think that Micro-Scale 87-18 would be the ones you want. If I remember right you get six heralds with the set. And These cover the diesels from 1960's to 1975. F-7A, NW2, E8, SE, FT-A, SW-1, FA-1.

    Theres another set with heralds but the heralds are smaller. And I can't find the #'s. The problem with my filing system is that it fails. When the sheet starts to wear out its usefullness it gets put into one envelope. The sheet is then set some where else.

    Or you could just order one of everything like I did and have a box full.

    87-18 diesels 60-75
    87-19 box cars and hoppers 60-70
    87-20 box cars and hoppers 60-70
    87-218 50' single door boxcar '70
    87-229 ROCK frieght cars '70
    87-230 ROCK diesel hood '70
    87-233 40' trailer'70
    87-351 54' pullman-standard 3-bay covered hopper '70
    87-361 F unit diesels
    87-956 E & F unit diesels '43-'60
    87-989 GP7, & RS-3 diesels 1950-'60
    87-259 (last) frieght cars- fallen flag 1970-'80
    87-1041 diesels w/names 1975-'80
    87-4104 passenger sleeping cars1947-'60

    Thats a complete run down of them all. I crossed referanced the numbers from N-Scale over to HO Scale. The Walthers catalog number for Micro-Scale is 460 before the 87. In N-Scale its 60. I wasn't able to cross the last two over as their not listed in the HO catalog. So I'd have your dealer inquire about the numbers if you ever needed that particular set.

    Hope this helped a little

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