Robotech SDF-1 Papermodel

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by ThunderChild, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. ThunderChild

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    Thanx for the heads-up Jay! Checked the first site I thought you were talking about and got it!

    PS- For everyone waiting for the destroids, I'm going back on my word.
    I'm still struggling with designing the moving parts, so I decided to cheer myself up by finalizing the re-modified, non-movable, easier to build Defender. I fixed the legs, simplified some parts and will start the thread hopefully this weekend.


    Thing I ponder most lately: Why is there such a thing as a "work" and a "job"? It just keeps us from what we really want to be doing anyway!
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  3. ThunderChild

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    Long time since an update...

    For all who are interested, The Version-1 Little SDF-1 is now available for download.

    Thanx goes to Getter1 for testbuilding and cgutzmer for helping with the uploads.

    Another vote of thanx to all you other designers who keep designing stunning models! I have learned a lot from you all. Stay tuned for the next installment of the SDF-1, Bigger, better, and... it's a surprise...
  4. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Nice work so far, --I am definitely looking foward to the "bigger, better" one!! :D
  5. Paragon

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    Stage lights, flashing, the feeling's smashing....

    Damn you all, now I'll be singing it all day!

    The SDF-1 (that is fun to type in qwerty) looks great, can the two carriers come off the arms?

    I postulate the next big model is a Zentradi ship, possible the mothership, or maybe Khyron's ship.

    And Jaybats, mind PMing me a link to that VF?

    ARMORMAN Guest

  7. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Paragon, unfortunately no. If you don't want the carriers on, I guess you don't have to glue them... sign1

    Armorman... :twisted:
  8. Stormeagle

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    Hi Thunderchild, any progress on the Defender Destroid? It suddenly became too quiet out here....must be the Moon eclipse affecting us all...
  9. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

  10. rapierdragon

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    looking for my old ebay picture saves from a posting of the original 1987 transformable SDF-1 toy
  11. rapierdragon

    rapierdragon Member

    found it!!!

    SDF-1 Battle Fortress | CollectionDX has pictures of the original deluxe 15" long toy, and if you follow the links on the page you can find scans of how the toy originally transforms, which should be easy enough to duplicate for a paper-fold version.

    instructions, page 1
    Front of instruction sheet | CollectionDX
    instructions, page 2
    Back of instruction sheet | CollectionDX

    My suggestions (tested on only a few super-crude mecha I've tried)

    (1) bendy-straws prolly will work good for shoulders, elbows, knees, or hips (often refered to as a "ball-joint" on most action-figures)
    (2) the old bent paper-clip for places where a thin rotating point is (think of the hinges on the common bedroom door)... think of say,
    (3) slidy-box trick (2 larger boxes with a thin box or even a paper link-box or several-layer-thick paper in a slide) ... think of the "fists" on the jetfire/valkeryie

    I'm printing up and working on your SDF-1 now... I'll see how many of these common tricks I can adapt for its transformation method, and then will upload pictures on how the internal mods work

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    ARMORMAN Guest

    I actually saw the original large scale Japanese toy years ago....verry cool. came with lots o' missles that fired, tiny destroids (always cool) and veritechs in various modes. The fighter modes launched off the carriers via a catapult on the deck and went quite far. Unfortunately I was like 13 when I saw it and it was $80 at the time.
  13. rapierdragon

    rapierdragon Member

    mark 2 transformable in the works


    I'll have mine built up in the next few days. Mosty the extra mods needed are: elbows (bendy-straw), shoulders(not sure, prolly slidy-box trick), hips (slide-down leg type extension for the small white thrusters which appear there in robot form but aren't there in ship mode), chest (expands slightly sideways), rotation areas in the booms (one near front and one bout 3/4 of the way back), and a bend in the boom (just above where it attaches on the back). Then there's 3 small areas where landing-gear pops out (optional, but should be easy to add).

    See the crummy compiled-up pic of the toy to see areas that need mods... most are the simple "slide-box trick" or "rotating knob" type trick. I promise I'll do very good stable work with great photo's and drawings to show mods and how they fit into the design.

    I'll post pictures of the mods, and then you can incorporate them into the 3d-version and then redo the extraction into the cut/fold paper parts... should only take me a day or two since I'm on disability welfare and can easily put in like 2 or 3 days continuous work to finish it (which I plan to do) and then in exchange for the work I've done you can add my name onto the model as "help for working out transformation" or something... appologies in advance for not simply asking for your 3ds file and mod'ing it as I suck at CAD


    I mean afterall, a fully-transformable SDF-1 paper-model has got to be the holy-grail of paper-models.

    Unless you're a StarTrek fan, in which case having all enterprises from NX-01 to 1701-E in the same scale and arranged nicely is your holy grail) (see enterprise pic... its outdated and needs retaking as the 1701 was rebuilt (nacelles wouldn't stay in place) and 1701D were rebuilt (slight goof on the scale), I do have the NX01 at the right shelf end now))

    Or you're a transformers fan, in which case its probably a fully-transformable Fortress Maximus (I got crude paperformer plans for one and have full pictures of the actual toy from a bloke who posted a 100% complete one on ebay) complete with the headmaster gimmick, (I plan on doing up modified plans for it too in the next month or so)

    YUP, I GOT NO LIFE:cry:

    Age 31 male, Live at home with parents, on disability welfare for bad asthma and crippling pain in lower back and right hip, can't walk for, need a cane to walk, bad knees/ankles, underactive thyroid (easily tired, decreases with natural ability to deal with pain so on heavy pain meds, messed up wake/sleep cycle), beginnings of carpel-tunnel, 1/4" glasses (always had bad eyes)... kind of glad its kind of like I retired at age 29 cause I'll prolly be dead before age 55 (from the meds ruining my kidneys or the side-effects from the meds)...
    ...oh well, world's going to hell anyways... kind of glad I got to see all the best cartoons as a kid (Robotech, Transformers, Getter Robo, Force Five, etc... back before Barney and Spongebob No-brains made a generation of moronic kids)... now the kids shows are either make-them-a-moron type or ram-a-moral-down-their-throats type... nevermind the problems with religion and gov't's and gas-prices and stuff...

    wall1 Rot it all, the the "average human I.Q." seems to drop every year ever since bout 1995 (humm, wonders if Win95 is related)... if me and Glenn Beck (t.v. guy on CNN) and "2 the Ranting Gryphon" (Ranting Gryphon Web Site) can see 90% of these problems ahead of time, and how to solve them, and most of those morons out there (would couldn't fold a piece of paper in half if their life depended on it) would listen to us, well, the world would be like so infinitely better...

    sign1 ya... we need like some "specialty" missiles... like the moron-seeking missile, the pedophile-seeking missile, the religious-nut-job-seeking missile, and the a$$hole-seeking missile (that "there's 3 types of people" bit in the "Team America" puppet/comedy movie is so true in so many ways) ... ya... get rid of those 5 kinds of people and we'd have such a better world...

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  14. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Hey Rapierdragon,

    I've actually been working on moding TC's SDF-1 to transform and sent him pics of the build as refrence for his transforming project. The only thing I need to finish is the shoulders. The toy pics you psoted will help me finish this project up :D

    Here's some pics of What I've got so far.


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  15. rapierdragon

    rapierdragon Member

    How are you making the twin booms bend forward? (first and last pictures). I don't see anything so I'm guessing you're using some kind of pins to pull off and then re-insert the boom into its new position...

    If you look at the compiled pic's upper-right area you can see where there's actually a sub-box which is used as a double-hinge... which requires modification of parts 1 and 2 from both pages B and C.

    Rotation of the forward white area (parts 8-9-10) require that part 7 be converted into a box with some kind of linking pin or knob-trick (I can see you've done something like that as they do seem to have rotated 90 degrees from your 2nd and 3rd picture)

    I see you've done a nice job getting the rear-central body (under the bridge) to shift, though again I don't see any signs of how.

    Is your in-process build actually transformable or did you just print out the pages twice and building one in ship mode and the other in robot form? (I'm building all parts that don't need modification and then will go back and look at the parts that do... so I only have one build on the go but it will have actual shifting and moving parts when done)
  16. rapierdragon

    rapierdragon Member

    Actually, I've just noticed an error in the model... part 5 on sheet B (forward left boom) and part 5 on sheet C (forward right boom) have the "two bumps" details inverted... easy fix though, reprint the affected part, cut the just use 5b on the right boom and 5c on the left one...

    I've noted the bumps with a red highlight in this attached pic... see the two bumps in the blue area along the boom? since the paper version only has these as printed-on details (rather than actual bumps) you can just print out the affected area on thin paper and then glue it on the other side of the ship (so part of B5 is used to cover C5, and part of C5 is used to cover B5)

    If done correctly and carefully, the correction will seem flawless...

    if you've already built and put these parts in place, just re-print these two parts and cut out the affected area (light blue retangle used to highlight area to cut and repaste...

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  17. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Rapier D.,

    First off it's not a double build, it really transforms :D And there are no removable parts except the space between the upper chest and top of the "leg" that is a spacer block to keep the leg from retracting back on itself. The proportion of the body is a bit long so the spacer is longer than the toy and the lineart but it works.

    The joints I made aren't supposed to be seen easily so if youcan't see em I must have doen a decent job of hiding them :p

    The booms are on some rather flimsly double joints I put on as an after thought. TC has designed a far better joint than mine but it's the same principle. Mine is an external joint on the inner side so you can't see it. TCs will be an internal one suported on both sides being stronger. Mine is so flimsly that I have some tape to hold the booms in their position. Also note mine is not a full out build so much as it was a test bed to give TC ideas for his final model.

    Most all the joints I used are from toothpicks and strips of paper wrapped around them to make shafts for the toothpicks to rotate or slide in.

    The boom rotating parts are achieved with the above method.

    I hope to get back to this project soon but don't hold your breath as I'm a bit swamped ATM :(


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  18. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    more pics.

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  19. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    You guys are so AWESOME! :D

    RD, You and G1 both have given me such amazing ideas! Along with all the other neat ideas shared by so many others in similar threads! I can't help but take my hat off to you all!!! :thumb::thumb::thumb:
    Thanx guys!

    With the attached pics you can see some of my transforming designs for the upcoming SDF-1. (V.3)

    (G1 will notice that there's been no progress on the model yet... wall1) :oops:

    Hey, RD, you'll be happy to know that I have fixed those errors (you pointed out on the booms) on the next 2 versions of the SDF (v.2 & v.3), those boxes will be build-able.

    Sorry for the delays guys, I'm not gone into obscurity yet, but other things like work, and preparations for a month-long overseas holiday are keeping me away from my designs. Grrr...
    What free time I got is spent doing non-papercraft related 3D stuff to get my showreel up to date. Yup, I'm in the market for a 3D job.

    I'll be going for the home-stretch on the two final SDF projects as soon as I'm finished with the Robotech/Mospeada Beta Fighter. Thereafter the Destroids will be continuing!
    Hope everyone will bear with me on my slow progress... :oops:

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  20. rapierdragon

    rapierdragon Member

    cool... I'm designing my own mods to fit in place for the boom mechanism which will be closer to the toy's parts... so 2 indents and 1 little white box with holes for threading a small piece of paperclip through (so it'll be near-identical to the plastic toy)

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