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  1. loafandjug

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    I just finished Rodney from the movie Robots. It was a fun build and as usual with my models one arm turned out much better than the other. The only unexpected part of the model was the size. It's really tall. I'm debating whether or not to attempt Big Weld from the same movie.
    Also how do you get your own gallery? I'd like to post pics of the other models i've made before joining this forum.

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  2. thewoodengraver

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    He is cool...great job!

    Go to Gallery, choose members categories, then choose upload...if you are signed in, it will be easy.
  3. MOS95B

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    Cool!! Where'd he come from??
  4. thewoodengraver

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  5. MOS95B

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    Thanks again, Phil!

    The site is kinda slow, but should be worth the wait
  6. loafandjug

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    thanks for putting the link up. I forgot where i got it from and i also forgot that there were other characters on the site besides the two that i had.

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