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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ARMORMAN, Jul 8, 2012.



  2. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    So is this an intro to a new Robocop movie?


  4. blaar

    blaar Member

    I am so looking forward to this, I just hope it is not a Terminator'ish incarnation of Robocop.

    Murphy should still be made of steel and wires, not some Cyborg, flesh over steel.
  5. jim_bow

    jim_bow New Member

    I rewatched the original trilogy recently for the first time in years. Awful, awful films!
  6. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Nah. The uncut version of the first movie is still great to watch. Granted the ED-209 stop-motion sequences are showing it's age, but the rest of the movie is still awesome! Regarding the 2 sequels, I watched them once and decided they belong in the same category as the Highlander sequels: Never happened, not canon.

    For some strange reason I kinda liked the Prime Directives quadrilogy.

    The animated series was also fun, but then I was very young when I last watched that...
  7. blaar

    blaar Member

    Yeah, Robocop1 Directors cut was awesome. Still is.

    I watch it just about once a year. Robocop2 was where near the likes of Robocop 1. After that it all went sour for me. Even the TV series was AWFUL, JUST AWFUL.
  8. blaar

    blaar Member

    Hmmm..........some leaked concept picture.

  9. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Whew, I'm glad they decided against doing a clear-plastic helmet like they said they would. RoboCop's appeal is how he lost his humanity and had to fight to get it back, and showing any sort of humanity, like his face, would destroy that.

    Normally reboots don't bother me too much, but that would definitely make me hate the movie.

    The new ED-209 looks sweet! :mrgreen:


    The Ed is cool, but it has too many exposed under workings for military applications, in my opinion.
  11. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    True, but sci-fi is more of an art form nowadays than true science fiction, so a little leeway for "cool-factor" I think is warranted in this case.
  12. ureeka2k

    ureeka2k New Member

    I think it looks pretty sharp, cant wait to see it.
  13. PlutoniumBoss

    PlutoniumBoss Member

    I think that works, actually. This is not a weapon designed by military men, it's designed by a corporate committee.


    ...for the military.
  15. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Yea, they would have had close liaisons with the military.
    One could try explaining it away by saying it's suppose to have a "shock-and-awe" design...

    ... but in the end it's just a movie design meant to look cool and bada$$.
    (And give us paper designers nightmares) :D
  16. blaar

    blaar Member

    Look. it is Batman, ....... err........ Robocop.

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  17. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    No, it's Guyver meets Gatchaman!

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