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  1. Clerk

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    Received this note from Kim, Robins daughter

    Hi Dick and Sandy

    Dad continues to greet each day as best he can. He has some issues with vomiting at times and I know he HATES that. However, there are ways to combat that if it becomes unbearable and we certainly haven't reached that point yet. He tries very hard to keep himself hydrated and if he isn't feeling the threat of nausea/vomiting he will take in some nourishment as well.

    He can manage the stairs OK so he spends his day downstairs and sleeps upstairs. We do have a bed available downstairs if the stairs become too much.

    He's been enjoying watching the television, doing a bit of reading, and we did get the computer downstairs for him. I think he's read some things but hasn't got to writing anything yet.

    He has a nurse come in three times a week - so far all they do is chat with him and continue to asses his home requirements (ie the bed, a shower chair and the like).

    I hope he gets feeling well enough to write himself, but until then, we'll keep you up to date.

    Regards, Kim
  2. MasonJar

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    Thanks for the update... Glad he is home and is as comfortable as can be given the circumstances.

  3. shaygetz

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    Thank you for the news.
  4. N Gauger

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    Thanks for the news, Dick.. I just read Spitfire's post too ......

    ~~ Mikey
  5. ausien

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    Thanks for the news, and I am glad he is comfortable as can be expected, I hope that you will be able to keep us informed...have a good one...steve
  6. TomPM

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    Thanks for the update and let him kniow that my family is praying for him.

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