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Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by Dyna-Soar, Feb 23, 2007.

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    ooops I read your screen name, not what you were looking for.
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    The 'robin' was for a program called top gear, it was aired on last sunday night, it was cool, they got it to launch ok and the boosters seperated ok. But the robin did not seperate from the tank because of a faulty seperation bolt. So it made a large bang when it hit the ground.
    It was a great idea and the guy's involved very nearly pulled it off.
    I have a hi-res version of the video '600meg' about 20 minutes long, but nowhere to post it on this site.
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    I know this is really cheeky - but could I get a copy of that? I run a rocketry project with some of the kids at the school whee I teach, and it's a really good way to introduce the idea of building your own.

    Not that we can build anything that big...
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    That video gives the song "Fly Robin Fly" a whole new meaning. :rofl:
    'chips & lard' sounds like a gourmet delight.:grin:
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    That was the funniest video I have ever seen! I haven't laughed that hard in a good long while! Thanks!
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    Thanks guys!
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    Non-Brits out there in Interwebworld might like to know that Richard Hammond, one of the presenters of the Robin Shuttle sequence survived an amazing crash a few months ago in a rocket powered car, probably the fastest survival on record. The guy is just amazing!!

    Not only that, he is a mad-keen biker, and loves to get right up the nose of his bike-loathing co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson. Top Gear is one of the best shows on Brit TV at the moment.

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    We in the US have had the chance to see 'Top Gear'
    I watched a few episodes on Discovery Channel.
    Too bad that they stopped showing it.
    I liked that show.
    I too would like to get a copy of the 'Hi-Res' video.
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    Dnlgtr, I have tried to send you a PM about the high res version. But I am not able to get your PM's to work. Can you give it a try from your end, send me your email and we can sort out the disk.

    REGIE, check your PM's
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    There is now talk on other forums that this was faked. They say that the CAA would not allow it, without test's etc.
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    Ohfergoodnessakes!!!!! Don't they realize, the FORUM itself is fake, set up by the Lizard Men who live under the Houses of Parliament, to distract us all from the hologram missles that landed Elvis on the moon.

    Remember, just because there is no evidence doesn't meant it didn't happen! You close your eyes and minds if you like, but I've been probed by little blue men! I don't rememember of course, and there are no marks because I've been replaced with a clone. Ha! Laugh if you like! Ha Ha!! You are all mad! Except Gil and ME! (and I worry about Gil sometimes.)

    Sheesh. They need a hobby. Maybe paper modelling. Keeps me sane, anyway....

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    Fake or not I can think of others cars to do this with I.E. skoda, but they may be to heavy.

    Or what about a VW campervan, 7 people could fit in this, just like the real shuttle.
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    Your link needs some work. Doesn't go where you want it to.

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    fixed it

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    Still, does not point to the video he wants to show.

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