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  1. interurban

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    Knowing my love for Electrics, that last time I and Val where with Robin and Letty

    He gave me 5 pictures of South Africa electric Locos.

    Now I hope Jimmy B will know somthing about these Locos, and be able to add to this thread.

    Here they are.

    The first photo has this info on the back

    31E Electric Locomotive

    Photo by L Pivnic

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  2. interurban

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    The second photo.
    1E Local Passenger
    Pinetown 1965.
    A Spit

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  3. interurban

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    The Third Photo.

    A bit confusing.

    Taken by R Perry

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  4. interurban

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    The Forth Photo.
    2E Johannesburg on Poise.Train
    ex pretoria 1947

    Photo by R Perry

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  5. interurban

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    And the Last Photo.

    Bo-Bo Electric

    Luipaardsvlei Estates

    P J Lucas.

    I though you may like to see them.
    If you can supply infomation ,History, I would be obliged. :cool:

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  6. Shunter05

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    That last one is a pretty strange beast - looks like a narrower gauge than 3ft 6 to me. 2 ft maybe? And is that a sort of 'passenger compartment' in the centre?
  7. Drew1125

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    He was a hellufa guy, wasn't he...

    :thumb: :cry: :cry: :thumb:

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