Robbie the Robot

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by allhallowseve, Nov 26, 2007.

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    Another one to add to the ever growing list of models to make.

    Great find.

  3. Ron Caudillo

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    Awesome model!

    Hi all,
    This is certainly one of my favorite subjects and I appreciate having the model to build!

    In visiting the website, I see that the clear dome section of Robbie's head is very prominent and displays the inside workings that are very detailed. Can anyone interpret what the designer has to say about this part and area? Thanks!

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  4. tazman3

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    Hey Ron, how are you?! I downloaded this, and it appears that robby10.pdf is a photo essay of sorts and it focuses mainly on the "dome"...looks like part 119 is a clear acetate, and the pics on the right hand side detail the parts for the "face".
  5. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    Robby Robot Dome

    Hey Taz and all,
    I just downloaded the model and am looking forward to my feeble attempt to build it. It'll probably be when I'm next on the road as I can get the computer designing done on various projects, but without a printer, I can't test it out. I'm planning on printing this up before hand and working it in the room after work. I've found that it's always nice to leave something like this behind on a trip as a goodwill gesture.

    Next planned trip is 3 months in England starting around the 2nd week of January.

    I see that in the last page of the Robby PDFs that sheet acetate is being used for the dome. Is there a specific type that anyone knows that will glue without any great hassles? Also, what type of glue is recommended that will not cause the plastic to haze like Superglue might cause?

    Thanks again for everything. This forum is the best I've ever been on and the members are simply awesome!

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  6. tazman3

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    What about rubber cement? I would think you could glue it edge to edge with no tabs...and then trim away the excess glue when it dries...of course I guess you could do the same with regular white glue, and wipe it carefully. Time consuming, but probably worth it for this kit. You might even try some super glue, with accelerant, on some scrap pieces. I know in plastics that I've used it about 50% of the time with great success...of course, I've fogged some good canopies too...:rolleyes:

    I would think that securing the joints before gluing would be key...
  7. uhu02

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    Hi all,
    BLOG@PAPERCRAFT: ä»®?組ã¿ç«‹ã¦(11)

    ⇒It is the head. I attached a clear part (I rode OHP sheets on a paper pattern and cut it)to the frame of the head with double-stick tape first.
    (After all some goods pickpocket laying upons are necessary)
    Well, I incorporated dome inside part until yesterday, but stuck this one with double-stick tape. The semicircle of the bottom-shaped part opened out then (the photograph lower left), and put the positions of each part together with tweezers from there and adjusted it. (The photograph lower right)
    Just cross it in the example, but to be inconspicuous even if some gaps produce it because is the part which is hard to put together very much; a cut end think that feed it, and color coating should do the white color of the department with gray and black. (When I make it with common white paper)

    I hope to be able to enjoy the trip that you are happy:wave:
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    I just noticed that the arms are movable. There is a rubber band holding them on and allowing them to move. It looks like the knees may move also. I can't tell for sure.
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  10. potentialenergy

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    where do you find the download for this model?
  11. mtfbwu97

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    that looks awsom

    wow that looks awsom.... but does it work??:rolleyes:
  12. alcetus

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    I would love to get these plans. I cannot find them anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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