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    Has anyone used Woodland Scenics Road System with the paving tape and spread it? How does this work arround the track?

    Roads -1.3" - 1.5" wide about right?

    Would Tan make a good color for a base coat on foam for terain?

    I am working in N-Scale.

    Thank you,

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    I've used the WS stuff on my BeNdtRRack module with great success. It held up to about a year of harsh module transportation and the only changes i needed to make was a piece of plastic in place of the end of the WS material where the module would connect to another module, the WS plaster material got chipped.

    I would use it, it i were's easy. Around the track, i used Hyrdocal mixed to the consistancy of Peanut Butter, and spread it by hand.

  4. 60103

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    I had problems when I applied it to straight Homasote -- the tape didn't get along with the textured surface. With a bit of preparaion, it can work all right -- I have a nice sample on some foam.
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    My roads that i mentioned in the above post are done on straight painted plywood. So there is enough texture to grab the plaster mix, yet it's smooth enough so that the tape does't lift and doesn't leak.

    If you were going to use homasote, i would almost suggest you put down a skimcoat of plaster or smooth-it (WS Road material), so as to fill in the bumps and imperfections. Then, lay your road tape and pour the final layer of smooth-it.

    Hope this helps

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