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  1. Pops

    Pops New Member

    Well, I am a newbee, somewhat. Last N Gauge railroad I put together was 25+ years ago, and things have changed. This time, I'm going to use roadbed. :D

    I see that Woodland has some roadbed in their lineup now. Has anyone used it? Any Plus or Minus to it? How does it compare to cork and AMI tacky stuff?

    I see that Southern Ohio is pretty well covered in this forum. I hope to model a "Scioto Valley R.R." It will follow the path of the old Scioto Valley Interurban line (Columbus to Chillicothe). Wish me luck. I hope I won't have to get stronger bifocals by the time I finish.

    John - aka "Pops"
  2. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    Welcome to The Gauge, from one newbie to another. The difference is that you as a newbie have a lot more experience than I do.

    Me, I'm just starting my first layout an I am using cork roadbed 'cause that seems to be the thing to do. Sorry, I can't comment on Woodland roadbed but I'm sue someone can. I just wanted to welcome you. I've been here just over a month and have learned more than I deserve to. Stick around, it's catching.:D

  3. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Welcome to the Gauge John. :) I have used a lot of things over the years, but the only thing I use now is AMI. I do use the water and white glue on it like I would anything else however as the glue on the AMI roadbed IS NOT bulletproof.
  4. jkristia

    jkristia Member

    Welcome to The Gauge, I sure you will enjoy this group.

    Well, I'm building my first layout too, have been doing so for a little more than 2 years now. First I used cork, then I replaced the atlas code 80 track with code 55 and at the same time replaced the roadbed with Woodlands foam roadbed. Now I'm replacing some of the track again, and this time I'm back to cork. The reason I don't really like the foam stuff is that you can't sand it (or at least cork is easier to sand smooth).

  5. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    Welcome to the Guage John.
    I have used cork roadbed on several previous layouts and was satisfied with it. On the present layout, I decided to try the foam roadbed for a change. I have kicked myself ever since. I used white glue to fasten the flex track down and at any place where there is the slightest stress the the track pulls loose from the roadbed and in a couple of placed even the roadbed pulled loose from the styrafoam. After I reglued every thing back down I used a mix of 50/50 white glue with water and a drop of soap to lay some roadbed. The next day half the roadbed had come off.

    If I had the finances I would rip everything up and relay with cork. but alas, I am stuck.:( :( :( :(
  6. Sir_Tainly

    Sir_Tainly Member

    I have some of thew roadbed, but have yet to lay any..I'm still a switch and two bridges short before I get round to laying track or bed. Its a kind of mix between styrofoam and sponge roadbed. Stiffer than the peco sponge, but still flexible.

  7. jkristia

    jkristia Member

    Clerk, I have never experienced that kind of problems you are describing. I glue the roadbed to plywood or Styrofoam using full strength white Elmer's glue, and glue the flextrack with same glue. I have never had any problems with track or roadbed coming loose. But I too prefer cork, but for other reasons.

  8. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    Jesper. It really bothers me that I seem to be the only one having this trouble. I use Elmers white glue and it just doesn't want to hold on the foam roadbed. I can pull up track and then the roadbed and the foam roadbed comes up clean with the glue stuck to the tracks and styrafoam. I have never had this problem with cork. In fact I used some left over cork to lay the track in my switching yard and have no trouble with it.:confused: :confused:
  9. rsn48

    rsn48 Member

    When you say you use water and white glue with the AMI, I'm assuming you mean at the ballasting stage.
  10. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Yes Rick, that is correct. BTW welcome to the Gauge! :)

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