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    Well friends I have decided to redo my small N scale layout because i'm not satisfied with it. But there's one small problem. When i tried to lay down my roadbed around the curves pn my layout it didn't turn out so well. Any suggestions on laying down nice smoothly curving roadbed?
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    What kind of roadbed are you using, and how tight a radius are you trying to do? Most cork, and also the Woodland Scenics foam, roadbed is split down the middle. If you separate the two halves you'll find it will bend a lot easier. If you still have problems, try making slits on the outside and/or V-cuts on the inside. Also, for cork, I've heard that soaking the roadbed in hot water might help, but I've never tried it.
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    What billk said is excellent. Another suggestion - draw your curve as accurately as possible. Use the "hole in the ruler approach to get proper radius curves. Line up the inner edges of your roadbed (assuming the split cork roadbed here) with the drawn curve. Glue and/or tack down one side of the roadbed and then using the tacked down side for reference you can attach the other side pressing it against the tacked down side for alignment as you glue and/or tack it in place. Stagger the roadbed end joints so that the right side does not end at the same place as the left side. Makes for a neater run.

    Let us see your work:) :)
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    Some good advice shown here already Jason. I do mine the way David explains and it sure works for me
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    I originally tried woodland senics track bed because it was already tappered along the edges. The base for my N scale layout is a 2' by 4' piece of plywood with blue foam cut to fit on top of it. I originally just had a simple oval of track with a spur leading to a small factory. I tried laying roadbed along the curves by cutting small pieces and placing them along the centerline of the track but it left the edges of the curves kinda bumpy. i'll try some of your suggesstions next time.

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