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    I live in Pa and I am going to start an outdoor G scale train. What should or could i use as a roadbed and ballest? I want to start out right so it will be go practice once i am able to expand.
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  2. Livesteam

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    i would use for the road bed the same stuff that they use to keep chikens in there pen, it is a cageing ,get the one with the very small holes than you can get some ballest , the ballest you want a little bigger than the holes but you want it scale wise, make sure you have extra because after a couple rain storms it will shrink but the rocks with some dirt act like a conctret and it will get very hard.
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    I'm in Mass- I dig a four inch deep by 5 inch wide trench. I fill it with chicken grit- available at Agway and/or feed stores, compact it and lay the track on top- After leveling the track I ballast the track with more chicken grit- In the spring or after a heavy rain I relevel/ballast as necessary. After the first couple of years it doesn't take a lot of time or grit to level things in the spring.- If there is a gravel pit near you, then "crusher fines" is a more economical material that works and looks just as good. If using chicken grit- make sure you are getting grit NOT chicken "crumbles" which is a type of feed. :thumb:
    BTW- I also ballast my indoor modules with chicken grit, glued with equal parts Elmers white glue & water. It holds up prettty well and looks goood also.
  4. Oldmax

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    Ballast G Scale

    I live In WV and I use "crusher fine" or "crusher run" First Dig trench about 5"
    wide and at least 4" deep. Leveling out then using crushed stone on top for ballast & leveling. The advantage of this is the crusher run will set up hard after a few rains but if you want to change layout all you have to do is rake it up and start all over.If you want to see Garden Railroad with this set up check out my web site.

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