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    I found this document being auctuioned off E-Bay. I thought those of you would like to see it. It shows you where to mount the Rock Island Road sign on buildings. I think this would be the same for most railroads.


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  2. IMRL393

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    Interesting, Andy.

    I note that one should use "Maroon No. 185."

    Anyone know what that means ?

    Was there a "standard RI Maroon" ??

    My models seem to have a rainbow of "maroon" colors !!

    Even locos by the same supplier, made the same year (say, P2K's BL-2 and GP-9), have slightly different shades !!!

    Is this a problem with the model makers, or was there really such a wide variety of color shades ???

    Then there is all the other colors schemes ...

    ... sometimes I think the ROCK went broke because they bought too many different types of PAINT !!!!!!!!


    But it makes for a very "colorful" railroad !!!!


    - George
  3. Drew1125

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    I have a bottle of Polly Scale paint called Rock Island Maroon.
  4. kf4jqd

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    Road signs

    Charlie is right. :) I also have a bottle. There is a paint that is also called Rock Island Blue. The Yellow paint I use is Union Pacific Yellow. Check in Walther's catalog.

    Jeff Price, a former Rock Island employee, has a site on paint schemes. He can also be found in the Rock Island Techinical Society's website.


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