Rn Giovanni dalle Bande Nere 1/250

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  1. Emanuele

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    Hi everyone,

    After five months of hard work I finished my Bande Nere. I started it using the Halinski's Colleoni as a bases, but I practically redesigned 90% of it (turrets, main bridge, lifeboats etc...). even the upper hull has been redesigned, the original model uses five pieces per side for the bow, I reduced them to one. Here the finished model.

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  2. Emanuele

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    The side door below the main bridge is opened because, originally, it should have hosted the Ro 43 seaplane, unfortunatelly, I missed up with scales and the airplane was too big, so it couldn't fit on in. The main bridge was redesigned, and printed, five times....wall1 What a waste of ink!!!

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    She came out really nice. Fitting the skins to the frames is the hardest part, I always start in the middle and work my way out dry fitting each part and adjusting as necessary, even if it means going into Photoshop, or another Paint program. It's a lot of work. The superstructures are quite nice and you did a great job gluing the hull. So many of these ships look great till you see the formers coming through the sides.

    On the other hand, many times when I was sailing I would come along some destroyers and was quite amazed how "beaten" the hulls looked from they went through. Beautiful Ship, for sure!

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